Transylvania Downhill - 2nd Edition

DevaStation Longboard Crew (DLC) is already working on the second edition of, what they proudly call, their world class longboarding event.
Transylvania Downhill 2k17 is to be held in Straja Ski Resort, Romania, between 3rd  and 9th July, 2017 with registration opening on 15th February.  After their first phenomenal event, this year will be bigger, longer and better - on the same technical race track but with more curves and more fun.

Denham Hill - Nominee for Sporting Achievement Award

Have we ever seen a skateboarder nominated for a Sporting Achievement award? It's pretty much unheard of, yet here is Denham Hill, a 25 year old freestyle skateboarder doing just that.  I asked him to tell us more about his skater life and how he got to be nominated - so go have a read, then follow the link to the voting page and please vote for him.  As a community of longboarders and skateboarders, covering every discipline of the art, lets get his back.

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