Raw Run :: Claytopia

Another addition to the Raw Run series, we take a trip down a sweet spot in the Southwest with Aaron and Harrison. Remember to always stay in your lane when bombing open roads!

Lyndsay McLaren

Team rider Lyndsay McLaren got together with Ben Holmes to create this beautiful edit, the video really shows off Lyndsay's character and the variety of skating available in Nottingham. 

Brianne Freeride

Brianne Freeride 2014 - The UK's only closed-road longboarding freeride in 2014, held in the picturesque outback of mid-wales. Here's the recap video. Enjoy. 

Raw Runs :: UK Series


We have decided to document raw runs of some of the best downhill roads in the UK. Starting in London, we will be moving around the UK to bring you the best of UKDH.