Charlie and the Bandit - Longboarding Ferret

Former RAF Airman and award-winning fundraiser Charlie Hammerton, 23, from Nottingham will take on the challenge of his life on 29th December 2017 when he attempts to longboard 40 miles along the Thames from Richmond to the Isle of Dogs with his pet ferret Bandit on his shoulder.

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Newquay Longboard Ladies

From the makers of Brighton Longboard Ladies, we give you Newquay Longboard Ladies!! Sheree Wall, main founder of BLL, recently moved to the West Country - and she hasn't been hanging about! 

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Open Hearted - New Far Academy Initiative

Mike Vallely, Kristian Svitak, and Joey Jett from Street Plant will be visiting our shores in a couple of weeks to support a new initiative launched by the fine people at The FAR Academy.

Featured previously here on Thrill, The FAR Academy are an alternative education provider and specialist teaching service which gives young people the opportunity to gain qualifications and a vision for their future through skateboarding.

Find out more here, and don't forget to register if you fancy popping by to meet them.


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