Woodwings Longboard Camp : Bodhi Keen

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This camp is for those aiming to improve there riding to a level where they can hit the big events safely. Nowhere else is offering this opportunity, especially in such a great locations with so many disciplines. 

After traveling for countless days through crazy mountains finding a hostel skate camp with REAL beds was very welcoming. After a night of exploring, settling-in and talking to the other happy campers we got our first taste of what was in-store. There was pure hype surrounding team Seismic who had been here a few weeks before and had hit their gnar hill hard on film. After seeing the footage its clear why it made such a big impact. 

Seeing all the footage and hearing about the previous shredding we finally got to see the hills. The road leading up to the car park is 6k, speeds of 100kph, 6 hairpins and one of the craziest runs I have ever been on. 

Drone shots by Vuong RootDivision

After a chilled afternoon on the slope we took to go back down but after fin smashed his shoulder up he was driver leaving it down to me a louis to rep SP and get down the hill. To say this run was carnage is an understatement. Only 50% of the skaters made it to the bottom. Louis had a heavy concussion and Reme headed back to the Netherlands that evening. The footage of Aswag was even more impressive but it put the danger into perspective.

Follow run shots by Vuong RootDivision

The next day I dropped Fin and Louis at the airport and spent the rest of the week helping out around the camp with Lana. The new arrivals had arrived and were already very much at home. 

The next day’s session was on the flat-land trying the abundance of test gear they have on offer. Everyone started to dial in the set-ups they liked and learn new tricks in a discipline some of them didn’t know existed. 

The other side of the skate school has a tight tech run into a valley. This road has loads of variation; chill straights, sleepy corners, tight chicanes and one hairpin. It keeps everybody on their toes! Up in the mountains a wet rainy track took on a different character and became a lot more challenging. The most capable riders were pushing their limits and the novice riders something to really aim for. 

Overall Woodwings is a great experience that I recommend to anyone who wants to progress quickly or needs some practice before hitting the big slopes. You can get 1 on 1 training time or just have an all-inclusive skatecation. There is loads of gear to borrow and endless opportunities to learn the skills needed to skate safe with other people. You can hone your technique 

(P.s Sexy Kwinet knows his way around a kitchen!) 





Email: info@woodwingslc.com



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