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Welcome to Longboarding – Rocky Poole

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We are welcoming Rocky Poole to our freelance contributor team with this encouraging word for anyone new to, or still thinking about, joining the skateboarding tribe.



”We’re a rather accepting bunch y’know!”

You are most likely reading this article on your break, taking 5 from the chaos of today’s society, and scanning quickly through numerous articles and posts on the internet; so let me just slow you down. Just steady yourself and think “why am I reading this piece now?” Why? Because there is a part of you inside yearning to skate, longing to longboard. Hopefully, this article will lure you into this amazing world!

For those of you wanting to grab some wood and begin tearing up some tarmac – welcome aboard! Like I said, we’re accepting and love to invite new, like-minded people into our small spheres! Small being the most accurate word, especially here in ! Everyone knows everyone! In many ways this is a good thing but when you slam hard and put yourself on bed rest with a leg brace, you can rely on your trusty pals to well and truly ‘take the Mick’! However, we do so love it when new faces give the sport a go, so for anyone thinking of it go grab your wood, gain your confidence and simply have fun!

Something that always hits hard with me, personally, is watching the ‘pros’ at a sport look down on newbies trying their best to learn, laughing and criticising them. I’d like to say, from my own experience and espeically as a female skater, that fellow longboarders do seem to develop an all round, somewhat kinder manner when watching new skaters, whether on the flatland or on the hills. So here’s a heads up, you’re not being laughed at when you fall; you’re most likely being respected for simply giving it a go! Hey, let’s face it, skateboarding is not an easy sport. It’s wood, wheels, metal and an unstable surface, oh and a great deal of speed – before factoring in the rest of the waking world … what could possibly go wrong!

Take a look at yourself and your personal reasons as to why you want to give longboarding or skateboading a go; whether that’s your inner Tony Hawk desperate to destroy the verts at the park or the Jay Adams you longed to be like pleading to pursue his inner wild child; it could be for the social aspect of meeting new, like-minded friends, for the pure factor of getting out and about, enjoying the outdoors more or your passion to learn a new skill – whatever it is, roll with it! Quite literally!

Skateboarding is a free sport. It’s a personal, individual ride build specifically for you. So take your drive and delve into the world of skating!

Words: Rocky Poole

Photo: Beyond the Lens


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