Video : Downhiller by Dilly-Yo! Ft. Full Cask

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This excellent music video really caught our imagination. You’ve no doubt all seen and heard it, so we thought we’d gather a bit of background story and see what’s in the pipeline for the future.

“In 2015, I met Duncan L. Jackson (aka Full Cask) fresh to the UK from South Africa, having moved to Europe to be closer to the downhill skate scene and I was super stoked as there are very, very few downhill skaters round where I live.

We shared our love for skate and quickly learned that we also both liked making music. I’ve been rapping since 1997 and Duncan was then just a bassist who went on to own and learn every instrument known to man – but that’s another story!

Doing what I do, naturally, I wrote some rhymes about one of my favourite past times and invited Duncan to feature on the track ‘Downhiller‘.

We made the song, even captured some video footage (which did the song zero justice) and it then lay dormant for about 4 years in one of my musical lulls. I ended up releasing the track as part of an unfinished music project early 2019 but never really promoted it at all. It was more a foundation to learn how I could get my music on all the streaming platforms. Anyway, I carried on making music.

More recently, I introduced the London Longboards guys and the Newtons Shred team to my local spot ‘7’ and they got super stoked about it. I created an outlaw freeride event and invited a shortlist of UKDH riders to the hill as a bit of a tester to see if it would be event worthy. Being so close, of course, I couldn’t refuse and thought it would be an absolute golden opportunity to get some good footage of some sick skaters, skills and styles for the ‘Downhiller’ video that never came to be…. (mostly due to the fact I could spend time getting footage whilst not feeling like I was missing out on skating as it was at my local spot 😁).

Riders came from far and wide. I was super surprised and sooooo stoked, as we had riders such as Johnny Braund (UKDH OG) (official title) and Rich Barbour (the super fast freerider that has literally standee toe sided at 40mph onto the UK scene from no where, among other UKDH legends such as the likes of Big Ben, Brandom Fanthom, Ned Champain and Louis Selby.
The footage was caught, everyone had a lovely day and the stoke was higher than most the riders.

I started to review footage and it got me to thinking that the song itself could do with a bit of a makeover. In the interim Duncan had learned some more musical production skills so I asked him if he would like to produce the remix; being a skater, I trusted him to be able to add the right feels to the track – and he did!

We re-recorded our vocals, met back at ‘7’ to record some rapping footage for the video and then, in all the hype, I managed to edit and finish the video in only 3 nights (I still have videos that I’m in the middle of editing since January). The only issue then was I had scheduled the track to release a further 10 days away and wanted the video to release at the same time. So I had the pleasure of teasing everyone on my Instagram (dilly_yo_) for a good 10 days before finally delivering on the goods.

Super happy with the final product! It actually spurred me on to write a further track, “Fip ’em (Downhiller Pt.2)” which I elude too at the end of the ‘Downhiller’ video.

The new track is complete! But its gotta have a video! The next one will have a bit more thought added too it, with some way more epic skating from a trip earlier this year to Gran Canaria, plus footage from some BMS events and a trip to France we are taking next month.

I love the downhill skate scene. I just wish I’d found it as a younger man. Everyone is so f*cking sick and genuinely nice people. It’s also given me an enormous sense of purpose and given me a place to belong with all rest of you misfits 😉.

Big up one love to the longboard family worldwide, my team, the UKDH and all the homies I’ve met on this pizza ridden journey. Give me a follow on Spotify or whatevers streaming platform you use and subscribe to my YouTube channel “What’s the Dilly-Yo” for part 2 in the near future!”