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Thrill 3.0

Would you believe Thrill Magazine started 9 years ago?

It’s surprising how many people out there don’t know this part of Thrill’s history, Thrill is 9 years old and for the first 4 years it ran as a quarterly print. It has achieved a lot over the years and so many people have put time and energy into this – and it’s now time to start the latest version. 

As many of you might know after spending a couple of years as one of its contributors, Sabina Edwards took ownership in 2017 and, along with Robbie Stevens and LJ, all did some great things with promoting British Longboarding online and in print.

Sabina has put a huge amount of dedication into keeping this alive and has really put all her effort into showcasing as much of a diverse section of longboarders as possible. With a worldwide audience submitting articles and a massively diverse catalogue of skaters she worked with – Thrill has become a champion of skate media putting this as its priority.

Robbie became part of Thrill in the last few years and put his lovely energy into sharing everything and anything that you might have wanted to see. If you are friends with him on Facebook, you can see this same energy with his youtube DJ links at 2 am most weekends!

LJ was the man on the ground for most of last year, achieving some great event coverage after a injury – he worked on Thrill with the leftover skate energy.

Now, in 2021, it is time for the next generation of skaters to take ownership and bring some fresh energy and new content to the UKDH and longboarding dance and freestyle scene!

Meet the team


Location: Cardiff

Skate Disciplines: Downhill & Freeride.

Skills: Photography, Videography & Webdesign.

Associated projects: Slide Perfect Wheels

Instagram: Bodhik_


Location: London

Skate Disciplines: Downhill, Freeride & lurking.

Skills: Low-quality skate edits, getting people stoked to skate hills, s***-posting, photography and sitting in peoples camp chairs at events.

Associated projects: London Longboards

Instagram: samiantrollope


Location: Bristol

Skate Disciplines: Dance & Freestyle.

Skills: Writing / Event organisation / & looking to grow Videography skills.

Associated Projects: UK Ambassador for Longboard Girls Crew & Hosts Bristol Longboard Girls

Instagram: georgeluck


Location: Bristol

Skate Disciplines: A bit of everything, but predominantly Freeride.

Skills: Lliterally just being a grom I guess.

Associated projects: Bristol Longboard Crew

Instagram: bumpy.longboard

” With a big year ahead of us we have a metaphorical ton of ideas to get through… “

Our 12 month plan:

  • To find out what the skate community wants to see from Thrill over the next 12 months. We will be asking for feedback on ideas and directions.
  • We will aim to publish 2 unique articles a month on the Thrill magazine site showcasing as many disciplines and skate crews as possible. The UK is a big place and since the lockdowns started there is a huge appetite to get events kicking off again! 
  • We want to post interviews ( online as we start) of riders who are making a difference to the UK scene or longboarding in general. Help tell their story of how they started to longboard and what keeps them going.
  • There will be Thrill run events popping up across the UK over the next 12 months, for grassroots and multiple disciplines to bring people together to learn new things.
  • We will aim to publish an up-to-date scene report from different areas and the community within them.
  • We plan to continue sharing posts sent to the Thrill and showcase the UK scene and to include every type of skater possible.
  • We will promote what is going on – be that a small session or full-blown event, we want Thrill to be your community central hub of longboarding, and raise the profile of UK longboarding globally!
  • Finally there are plans to create an annual printed issue of Thrill to show what has happened in the past 12 months and a true homage to what Thrill used to be.

With so many projects planned it would be great to have the support of the scene behind this and really make 2021 something special. Please share this with your communities and follow us on social media for more!

Ireland Joins the LGC Worldwide Family

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Drift to the Hill

The Drift to the Centre crew met up with the legendary skater and Tech Slide pioneer Mark Short at Castle Hill on Friday the 13th this month in Falmouth. Team rider Richard Travers tells us more.

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The Peakender

Peakenders, the story of a bunch of random people not in a pub … or London…

The divide between North and South of England has been debated by people for many years, don’t really know why!

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Skate to Escape wraps up 2018 with some Double Trouble

The last event on the BDSL calendar, Skate to Escape’s annual event, Double Trouble, has become a weekend in Cumbria not to be missed. This year, Aaron Skippings shares his story and we also hear from first-timer, Kinga Rumin.  Continue reading “Skate to Escape wraps up 2018 with some Double Trouble”

South Down Shredders

As that 6am alarm goes berserk, South Down Shredder riders roll ourselves out of bed and down to our backyard, Beachy Head. Boards and skate gear packed, coffee in hand, we all gather together in the car park before the corner for a morning of hanging out with friends and skating. This is what makes us a team, formed only 3 years ago with a handful of longboarding enthusiasts. We slowly grew to what we are now – a team of 8 skaters doing either luge or stand up.

Beachy Head is the ideal place in the morning to learn to skate or just send it. We often do full long pack/follow runs with up lifts, or just practice sliding just before the corner. Traffic can be spotted from a long distance so for new riders coming to join us they feel at ease on the hill. This is our home and our training ground and many riders from all over come and join us.

The South Downs gives us opportunities for other hills too, like Firle and Bo Peep. We also head out in search of new hills like the recently discovered Pembury Power Bomb! And, with riders heading off to events in the UK and abroad, we are well equipped; not only with knowledge but the urge to go further and faster! We host a whole range of different people with varying ages, we all love just getting together to shred!



Abbey Skate – February 2016 – Sabina Edwards

Folks, this is Abbey Skate Fest – a three-day event held every February half-term in the 12th Century Malmesbury Abbey and fast becoming a traditional date in the Church of England calendar.

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