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Pearse gained his first International Downhill Federiation (IDF) podium with 3rd place at this year’s Transylvania Downhill’s event, Pasul Vulcan IDF World Cup 2019. Our new Media Editor, Ethan, just had to give him a call to share congrats and get his thoughts.

Photo: Duck Vader

Ethan: First of all, congrats, that’s awesome!

Pearse: Thanks very much man.

E: So, your first podium on an IDF circuit!

P: Yeah!

E: Last year, you reached 24th in the Euro rankings and currently you’re in 3rd, what’s your thoughts on all that? Big change from 24th to 3rd already.

P: Last year I wasn’t really competing for it, if you know what I mean. So 24th is not very realistic.

E: Yeah, I saw you got 24th from doing just two races.

P: Exactly! But yeah, from last year I’m stoked on how much progress I’ve made. I’ve just put in the time and stayed on a skateboard for as much as possible and it’s paid off.

Photo : (L-R) CGSA Downhill, Max Heaton, CGSA Downhill

E: Outside of the IDF, you also had the World Roller Games this year as well, qualifying 4th. What’s your thoughts on that whole event and the big difference between it and other events?

P: In terms of an event, it was totally different from what we normally do. It was really official, really well organised, like proper professional level event organisation that you don’t really see in downhill skateboarding – at least not to that extent.

Photo : BTR Leathers

It was nice to add a bit of professionalism to the sport that you wouldn’t normally consider professional in most respects, so it was a nice change. I don’t know if that’s the way I would like skateboarding to be but it was good to have a taster of what it could be like if we were to take this a bit more seriously.

E: At Vulcan, you got 3rd, qualified 5th, do you feel like the two-man heats helped you in a way, compared to the normal four-man?

P: Yeah, I mean, it definitely helped me in certain respects. Because I qualified well, it meant that I had a pretty easy morning and then, when it got to the later rounds, I was fortunate in the match-ups that I had and at the end of the day the last few rounds were intense. I had to race the best of the best in the world. It helped me but at the same time all I had to do was mess up once and I was out, so it’s kinda tough in that respect as well.

E: In your consi final you had Patrick Switzer, a guy who’s been in the game for a very long time. What were your thoughts when lining up against him, any different to another rider?

P: Not at all! Not at all! I mean, when I was growing up, Patrick was the man and he still is the man, obviously! But, he’s been off the board for a while now so I was happy to line up against him. I’d be happy to line up against him again, the same as I would anyone else – doesn’t really make a difference at the end of the day; you’re still going to have to beat them, no matter who it is.

During a very tight race between the two, Switzer attempted a “70mp/h baseball slide” which didn’t go to plan, seeing him slide into the bails.

E: That’s fair! Did you have any instant thoughts when you saw him go down?

P: “Stay on my F**king board now,” my only thought was “stay on my f**king board” and “take clean lines in case he got up quickly, so that he doesn’t catch me and be conservative and make sure that I don’t crash myself out!”

(L-R) Vincent Bapst, Pearse D’Arcy, Aaron Hampshire
Photo : Devin Baylor

E: Any more events you’re hitting up this year?

P: I’ll probably be back in England to finish the British Downhill Skateboarding League (BDSL) at some point – if they do another BDSL race – and apart from that I’m not sure. I might go to KnK for the next few days or Bela, I’m not sure to be perfectly honest. We’ll see how my wallet’s looking!

E: That’s fair! So you’re definitely happy with how your form’s been this whole year and looking to keep progressing next season?

P: Yeah absolutely, I couldn’t be happier really, I definitely never expected to do as well as I have done and I am just mind-blown!

E: Anyone you wanna give a shout out to? Because obviously, right now, you have everyone who competes in the BDSL scene supporting you!

Photo : Duck Vader

P: Yeah, yeah! I’d shout out Aaron Skippings and Pete Connolly for inspiring me to try harder, to do more and to get better at skating and to just stick with it and don’t give up. Those two dudes are probably the main UK riders who have helped me along my journey, so big shout out to them.

E: That’s cool man. Anyone else?

P: Visa Credit! Visa Credit is my number 1 sponsor! I’d like to shout out Visa Credit for always being there for me and letting me spend way more than I should. Yeah, thanks Visa Credit! 😉

Photo : International Downhill Federation

E: Awesome, well I’ll let you get back to it, have a good one man, good luck for the rest of the year!

P: Yeah, cheers! Thanks very much man, have a good one, bye.

After winning the British Downhill Skateboarding League (BDSL) last year and on track to win it again this year, the Irish rocket, Pearse D’Arcy has been on everyone’s radar to really start shaking things up in Europe and, for 2019, he’s done just that.


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Photo : Duck Vader

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