Tregaron Freeride / July 2nd & 3rd 2016

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With the brianne collective crew announcing Tregaron Freeride a few weeks ago we thought we would catch up with with them and learn a little bit more about the freeride. 

What is The Brianne Collective? 

The Brianne Collective is a UK events organising collective based across UK operating primarily in wales. We have been organising closed road events for three years and Tregaron is our biggest / favourite freeride. Brianne Collective’s main members are : Sion Hughes, Ry Swanton, Cam Deegan, Tom Campbell and Will Edgecombe. 

Tregaron Freeride, give us the Low down?

It is a longboard event on the 2nd and 3rd of July in Tregaron, Wales. It is based around the private drive of Pencefn feeds where we are based for 2 days of riding. Food is provided by the Y talbot pub 300 metres away from the track. Accommodation at the Y talbot hotel is available but we also have our own campsite where skaters can stay free of charge from Friday to Monday. A race also happens on the Sunday afternoon which is scheduled online for more runs on the day. 


What do skaters get for their 75 pounds?

Riders receive : 

– A weekend of closed road riding with uplifts 

– A marshalled protected course with a ambulance on site at all times.

– Camping in our own campsite with toilets and a MINI-RAMP

– Official event T-shirt powered by Vandem MFG

– An evening meal and breakfast provided by The Y talbot hotel 200 metres from the course 

– Racing on Saturday afternoon. Online sign up required to make racing as efficient as possible so pure freeriders get more track time. 

How do i get there? 

The best way to get to Tregaron is via car. Public transport is infamously poor in the region so best option is to drive to the event. Often parents come and stay at the Y Talbot. 


Is the event suitable for beginners? 

Tregaron Freeride is pretty suitable to all levels if riders. As long as you can come to a stop and you take the track at your own pace then you will be absolutely fine. Last year we had a group of younger riders learning to slide at a slide hill off the main section. If you want to come and learn we can find someone to teach you and show you the ropes.

What is racing like?

Racing is split into 5 categories : Open, Groms, Ladies, Luge and No Paws. We would like to say you can race all the categories and ideally we will find a way of not clashing race heats but likely we will find a way by working around peoples entries. Racing is relaxed and optional but extra safety gear like a full face helmet is required. Racing sign ups are all online and heats will be formulated online to save on race day. 


What role do sponsors play in supporting the event? 

Interestingly our sponsors all seek to enhance the event instead of just ‘supporting’. We ask our sponsors for financial or hands-on support. Vandem MFG out of bristol are providing us with event T-Shirts at their own expense, Area One Boards out of Exeter are bank-rolling the event and paying for one of the uplift vehicles with Octane Sport. Newtons Shred , BTR leathers, Slide Perfect and Arbor Skateboards are all throwing their precious money behind the event too. Sponsors keep the ticket price down for riders, consequently we are one of the most affordable freerides in Western Europe. 

How do I sign up ? 

Facebook event page or our website

The direct sign-up link. 

Keep up to date with the Brianne Collective : 

Instagram @brianneCollective 


Or email or enquires :

Photos by Will Edgecombe 

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