Transylvania Downhill – Romania – 30th to 3rd of july

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Q&A with DevaStation Longboard Crew.


Of all the events in Europe that we can go to why should we come to your event?

Because it is one of the most technical race tracks in Europe, something about those 10 hairpins tells me there’s going to be a lot of fun involved, about 4.5km of fun at a maximum of 18% steepness plus a cable-car waiting for you at the bottom of the race track ready to take you back on top for your next run, Also a fully secured track with hay bales to make sure you stay in one piece and 1000Euro worth of cash will be given away for the winners so you know you’ll not be racing just for fun and some gear parts. Apart from this we’re working hard on making your stay at our event as comfy as we can, we believe sleeping in a bed and eating healthy are some factors that influence the performance of each rider and also we will be building a fun area, this will be somewhere next to the freeride track on top of the hill and it will include slacklines and indo-boards to train your balance, music sessions, workshops and a few more ‘’surprises’’.



How much does it cost to register?

If you’d like to participate in the downhill race the cost of the pack will be 120Euro per rider without insurance and this will include your accommodation, breakfast and dinner, water to keep you hydrated, cable car pass, access to freeride zone, party entrance and Race tax, oh and event t-shirt and stickerssss.

If don’t want to participate at downhill races but you still want to enjoy the track outside the races times (+freeride track) you can buy the freeride pack which gives you the same extras as Downhill pack except your entry and registration to the Downhill Race.
If you don’t wanna participate but you’d still like to take part you can get the Viewer Pack for only 60Euro per person , this will give you basic longboarding lessons by crew members of DevaStation Longboard Crew in the designated area plus accomodation with breakfast and dinner, t-shirt and stickers and of course our awesome party entrance played by our local soundsystem Astrounaut Kru.

All the packs you can get via PayPal through our website.


Where’s the nearest airport?

We believe Sibiu Airport and Cluj-Napoca Airport are the closest ones. Being quite complicated to the get to location from any airports we recommend trying to land on one of these airports as we will be providing shuttles from Sibiu, Cluj and Timisoara Airport if necessary. (Tell us where you land on our facebook event page, we’ve created a poll for this)

Do you have a website?

New and shiny :

You’re offering prize money! is that just for the racers, or are there other
competitions also?

Yaas !Only for the downhill races. We believe it’s crucial to enhance the motivation of young riders, we’d love to see many tight races with riders willing to push that ‘’extra mile’’ striving to get into the 1st line. We’re not saying money should be the motivation but many of riders travel a long distance or spending quite some money to get to the events,it would only be fair to give back to the winners in order to help them attend further events or simply buy the gear that they actually need or want.

We believe longboarding should receive more monetary funding from sponsors (just like in skateboarding) and event organisers for its activities as not everything can be developed through sponsorship of gear.



Are there any local riders who will surprise the competition?

Romanian longboard scene it’s still quite raw at the moment as the community it’s quite small and still developing and honing but we think it’s going in the right direction with more shops popping up and creating teams and supporting local riders as well their interest in supporting the local events it’s rising so this can only be a good thing.

This being said we would not be surprised if the 15 years old LCS rider, Stefan Popa makes it in the top 3 in downhill race. Stefan is one of the youngest riders in the country with a genuine interest in professional longboarding and has been constantly winning first spots in the local movement in the last 2 years. Also team could be a threat for you so be prepared.



What made you choose this hill?

Basicaly everything. Technicality, fresh tarmac, cable-car, the fact that the road has a dead-end and is easier to control the traffic, its clean air and amazing views etc.

What’s the top speed?

Around 85km/h but it could be more.

What’s the surface like? How many sets of wheels should I bring?

Road has been tarmacked last year, it resisted a whole winter so still in excellent condition, road is quite smooth but very grippy in the same time, depends on your style you might shred a set of wheels in a few runs. In case you forget to bring extra wheels local shops will have stands with discounted prices for your gear so have no worries.



Who’s idea was it to put on this event and how long did it take to make a reality?

It’s only Mihai Ormenisan’s and Adrian Lupascu’s fault, same guys who created DevaStation Longboard Crew to develop the longboard community in the country. The idea of a well organised competition for the locals we had on our minds for more than 2 years now. There’s been a lot of sketches and ideas written down on paper in the last 2 years, with its initial event structure and location changing constantly until we found the actual location last year in the beginning of winter season thanks to our DLC rider Parvan Alex who spotted the potential of the road while being covered in snow.. The location and race track has got us very excited and we started planning and creating the initial project implementation strategy last December. Our aim was to make a small friendly, well organised race competition but while working on getting all the details, authorisations,licensing and documentation we realised this is not coming out to be small as the event facilities/featuresit targets a wide prospect of riders from all Europe and not only.This comes with a great opportunity to centralize and develop the longboarding communities in and outside Romania, as well as create a solid bond between the local and international communities.

How big is your organisational team?

Only a few, apart Adrian and Ormy who are managing all the aspects, we have our own web designer Raul Ikkes, track safety engineer Parvan Alex, also all DevaStation Longboard Crew members alongside IDLE Slide Gloves team will be volunteering and assuring the event is running smooth and gnarly, just as you expect it.

Can people go to your event if they don’t skate?

Of course. If you don’t skate you can learn to skate on the premises. Or you can just sit and watch others skating haha.
If you wish to learn to skate or just want to be there with your dearest ones you can get Viewer Pack and have everything sorted for you.



Will we be eating traditional Romanian food? What’s it like?

Yup, well if you’re not familiar with eastern european culture we can tell you it’s a bit different from your usual meal, expect cabbage rolls with sour cream, stew with polenta, bbq’s and goulash as well traditional vegetarian food based on cheese, sour cream and polenta, macaroni and cheese, soups,salads and grilled/non grilled fresh vegs and fruits and plenty more.

Besides your event, why else should we come to Romania?

If you have a sense of travel and natural beauty then we’re sure you’ll be impressed with our amazing landscapes,mountains,rivers,lakes and castles. Locals are very friendly and pretty much everyone can speak english. The most to see we believe it’s the wild nature close to the event you can visit The Retezat National Park containing more than 60 peaks over 2,300 metres (7,500 ft) and over 100 crystal clear deep glacier lakesand the best part of it is in June/July you’ll get perfect temperature ranging from 20 degrees Celcius to 30degrees Celsius,perfect for riding or traveling, and you’ll probably realise where all beautiful womens been hiding till now.

Do you have any travel tips for us?

If you get the chance we recommend visiting Bran Castle, Corvin Castle, Transfagarasan and Transalpina roads where you can see wild bears (just stay in the car). Or try museums in Brasov city or Sibiu City. Or skate around Cluj-Napoca and sleep at ‘’The Spot Cosy Hostel’’ where you can also rent bikes if you don’t feel like pushing trough the city. If you are in Timisoara we recommend ‘’Hostel Costel’’ or if in Sibiu you can go to ‘’Smart Hostel’’. You can skate in the cities, road surfaces are pretty smooth but drivers might a pain in the ass.



Any last words of advice?

We’d like to thank to all who have registered so far and our sponsors which help making this competition possible. We still have tickets left and we’re closing registrations on 10th of June, so you have just over a month to get your spot secured and plan your epic trip. A full list with those registered will be released soon so make sure you keep an eye on our event page and website to stay updated. We can’t wait to see you all at TRANSYLVANIA DOWNHILL, get stoked and keep rolling cause it’s not long to go now.

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If you are a sponsor and you’d like to support this event we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch at


PHOTO CREDITS – Andrei Mitroi

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