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The UK’s 1st BAME Female Longboard Crew

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Over the last couple of years, we’ve all seen the increase in the number of girls getting into skateboarding and longboarding. One Birmingham based organisation is doing their bit…


is a non-profit organisation that specialises in empowering women through community projects and school initiatives and one of their current projects is creating the UK’s first female only BAME longboarding group. These will be a mix of 14 girls/young women aged 15-25 coming from a range of different black, asian and minority ethnic backgrounds.
BAME Girls Longboard Crew
mOmhead has secured funding for this project to be filmed by a professional videographer – it will be entitled ‘Boarders Without Borders’ – and to cover training costs, safety equipment, space hire and everything but the boards themselves. The funding has been secured thanks to Sport England, but unfortunately does not cover “an item which can be potentially retained by participants after the project ends”.  With these girls coming from some of the lowest social economic areas in Birmingham, the home of the project, mOmhead launched a campaign to raise funds for boards and accessories; which was surpassed and a total of £930 was raised!
Along with Sport England, their aim is to increase participation of sport amongst girls aged 14+ as only 1 in 10 are doing enough exercise in England.  They also want to measure the confidence increase longboarding has on the girls/young women taking part by tackling issues surronding body confidence, mental health and gender inequality.
Any support given by longboard companies and brands will have their logo appear in the feature along with website and social media links. With a total following across their social media channels equals over 15,000 any brand getting involved will be well promoted in return.
Check out more images on their Insta Account : HeyGirlDreamer
Facebook: GirlDreamer
Website: mOmhead
Words: Kiran Kaur and editted by Sabina Edwards
Images: mOmhead/GirlDreamer

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