The Return Of The Return Of Fumble In The Valley

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The first BDSL race has been held, check out some pictures and words.


After a fairly legendary event last year the drive down to Wales seemed well worth the trip. An event where skaters from across the UK shoot over to Wales to see if they can catch frostbite, is hard to turn this event down. 



After a fairly killer drive down from Glasgow the night before and a fairly strong hangover me and Dave turned up at 10 in the morning. In true UK event style it’s almost guaranteed to be wet the road was patchy and drying out.



Alex from Newton’s gave out some heat packs. This was a great shout, props to Alex.



Once people started skating everyone was charging the track, most blowing the second corner as there was a stream where you should have been hooking up out of a pre-drift.



Before racing the highlight for me was Pete Connolly trying to stick the line from the last corner all the way down to the bridge and absolutely flooring himself. It was totally ballsy but would have been mighty fine if he pulled it off. What made this even better was that we didn’t even race this part of the track.



As everyone else seemed to be dressing as power rangers I joined in the party and suited up.  Quite a few people in suits this year most in swanky BTR leathers.



Once Tom had arrived people signed up and were put into heats. Tom did a great job of organising at the top of the hill. Shout out to Dan Shinnie also who froze himself to an Ipad trying to call the heats. 



It had started snowing just before the race which is exactly why everyone came. Perfect. 



As it was so packed out Tom did well at making sure everyone jumped out the way of the traffic and the heats were run quickly. My first heat was against Jon Braun and Jonny Pb. The first corner Jon did a stand-up into which completely threw me off but managed to stay in second. Second heat was Hermione, Jon Braun again and Finn, last year I could just rail the first corner but not wanting slam into anyone I scuffed it instead and Jon and Finn got away. They were both absolutely flying. 



Hopefully next year we can have a ladies race. I ended up standing at the second corner for the final where Kami was doing a mighty fine job of heckling everyone. The man is a Legend…



The final heat was Pearce Darcy, Tom Cambell, Ras and Lewis. Lewis did what is essentially a dream race and overtook the other 3 during the run. He overtook Tom on the first corner, Pete on the second/straight and Ras on the last corner from the outside like a boss. Lewis was killing it! 



You can check the results on the BDSL Master Ranking Page.

After race day I headed back to Lewis and Hermione’s farm house to have a little celebration. Loads of people headed to Tom’s house (it’s really great of him/his family to host that many people).



The next day we headed down to Abercynon in the middle of the valleys. (The site of the next BDSL race) Me and Glyn found this hill back in 2010 when at Uni in Cardiff and used to skate it almost daily.



I was pretty happy to see such a massive bunch of people skating it. The Essex ‘lads’ were killing it and Finn was doing the entire hill standup.



I don’t think I ever actually imagined someone being able to standup toeside into the first corner. The corner is steep off camber and it was wet. 



All in all, a super cool weekend and it was really great to see some skaters I haven’t seen in years. 



Word by Tim Davis

Photos by Lightphonics & Kai Menneken

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