The Euro Bible

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We have collated some Eurotour commandments for first timers or people in need of a refresher.

Make sure your EHIC card is up to date. 

Mobile data might save your life so make sure you can use yours aboard.

Insurance recommended: Dogtag or Sports Cover Direct (You need to phone SCD up).

You can find discounts for ferries and flights with TopCashBack.

Ferries are cheaper than the euro tunnel.

If you have a campervan you are awesome.

BudgetAir is good for flights however too many searches will push the price up.

Work out your daily budget, it doesn’t matter if you spend more one day you can always cutback the next.

Get photocopies of your passport and drivers licence. 

You can save detailed maps to your phone so you can use it offline, Google how to do it for your device/app.

Choose the right event for your skill level (see below for 2015 summer event list).

Make sure your tom-tom has European maps.

To hire a car you usually need to be 25 and have a credit card. You can phone up and see if they accept younger drivers.

Get an SD card for you phone and use that instead of an iPod, then you don’t have to worry about charging separate devices, with separate wires and plug adaptors There are never enough plugs anyway.

Get your music up to date with podcasts from Soundcloud.

If you can hire a car consider it. Tip: Check the whole car over for damage with the company worker then get them to sign a document with every scratch written down before you drive off.

If you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and can afford to have empty seats in the car then go it alone. It will be more relaxing, you will have someone to drive and cook for you if you get ill or injured. Someone to take photos and someone to jetpack at night.

Learn a little about the countries you are visiting:

Small phrases like: Hello, Thank you, Which way is? Is there a supermarket near here? etc.. People will respect you for trying.

Paying tolls and Motorways (There is no clear information once you are on the roads and you need special stickers on your window screen for Austrian and Slovenian motorways. The fines can be €150)

Don’t plan to be spontaneous, have a plan but don’t be so ridged you can’t make changes to it. No plan usually leads to unforeseen costs, faff and stress.

Network with locals using Facebook for insider tips and advice for each event.


Respect the car/owner at all costs. Pay more than your petrol share. Brakes, tires, insurance, washer fluid, the car clean after the trip are a huge expense that you might not be aware of.

Tolls: €50 – €150 e.g Calais to Cannes 1200km = €102

Food: €5 – €30 per day

Beer: €10 – €20 per week

Back-up fund for unforeseen problems: £100 – 400 

Insurance: £40 – £100 per trip

Registration fees: €60 – €200 per event

IDF membership: $35 per year

Petrol: £100 per 1000 miles

Camping/hostels €7 – €35 per night

Car Hire: €90 – €100 per week 

Volunteer or Marshall.

Go sober.

Wild camp/sleep in the car (this may be illegal in some countries).

Check out Longboard Couch Surfing on Facebook for local help 

Cook your own food.

Eat fruit not sweets.

Take the scenic route and avoid tolls – it doesn’t add that many miles onto your journey but you have to drive slower (which is better for a fully loaded car anyway).

Keep track of your belongings or you will lose them.

You will need one first aid box:

Plasters – road rash large and blisters small.

Alcohol or other disinfectant sprays.

Lymphatic tape if you know how to use it.

Anti-histamines, anti-diarea, anti-vomiting and Dioralyte.

Vaseline/moisturiser for cracking scabs.

Sainsbury’s own brand Ibuprofen and Paracetamol is less than a pound.


When flying put wheels in hand luggage or inside your helmet if you are carrying it on. 

Solar showers are great if you have space, the weather is good and the facilities are terrible.

Don’t forget: Mini torches, Raincoat/poncho,a big warm jumper, swimwear, foam earbuds and a pillow. (Many shower facilities do not have cubicle showers)

When driving, big golfing bags are great for skate events however if you are in a 5 seater and 4 skaters have 4 huge bags they aren’t going to fit in the boot so pack wisely. Where possible pack the car the night before you leave so the morning isn’t a total nightmare.

Most likely you will pick up a new t-shirt or two, plus wheels maybe even a deck on the trip and you don't want to regret bringing that collapsable sink.

Take a mini stove, a saucepan, bowl and cutlery, for hot meals on the cheap. Get nifty in the kitchen before you go. This also comes with the setback of washing up, so take a cloth or sponge.

Plastic bags are great for tiding up after yourself and stuffing with smelly/muddy/wet shoes or clothes.

Take extra pucks. You lose them, they disappear on hot roads and your friend never has one at the worst possible time.

Travel towels. Sarongs are better, they roll up small, dry instantly and often come in wacky colours so you wont lose them.

You will need more pants and socks then you expect (especially if you are not on top of washing them in the shower with shampoo).

Talk with your travel buddies so you don’t take duplicate luxuries such as :

Speakers/Ipads/laptops/cameras/tripods/Ipods You will end up with charger cables, devices and plug adapters coming out of your ears.

You will get lost, drive in circles and take the wrong exits, just stay calm.

Allow more time than estimated for driving.

Keep the driver fed, their needs come before your own.

Sometimes a musical instrument and a mini-speaker can help lighten the worst moments.

Some European motorway service stations are well equipped with showers so keep an eye out. These are also great opportunities to wash socks, pants and dry them under the hand dryer.

Share the aux cable.

Motorway food is expensive so at every town head to the supermarket.

Everything shuts down on Sundays and late at night in towns make sure your car is fuelled during the day if you are heading somewhere obscure.

Help a hitchhiker.

Pitch your tent in the morning shade area.

Never drink the free Redbull, but stay hydrated if you want to recover quickly each day.

Be friendly to everyone, you will gain respect and maybe a place to crash if you visit again. (Don’t throw beer on people in their Pjs)

Talk to everyone at least once, encourage others and share your skate hacks/secrets.

Wear your earbuds to bed.

Never go hard on the first few days. You will crash, you will puss and you will skate less.

Wear all of your protection every run, you’ve spent a lot of money so don’t **** this up.

Don’t lose your temper if you get crashed out, cut-up or squeezed out. Nobody has time for drama, no matter how ‘in the wrong’ someone is creating bad vibes is childish and people will remember. Talk to someone privately if you think they are going to kill you or are missing a vital skill.

If you bulldoze a run buy your victims a beer, make them a cup of tea or offer some food. You might have ruined their entire trip/year with an injury.

Play all the silly games.

Don’t drunk wrestle.

Take it in turns to buy the crates of beer and keep a tally.

It isn't easy to register for some of these events. Places are limited and many of the French events sell out in 24hrs. So set alarms on your phone and subscribe to notifications on Facebook event pages.


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Freeride à Go-Goats
Back To The D35 II
Shred le Golf
Koffe/Schnapps #2
Rozen’Roll Freeride #3
Freeride de Castelnau II
Recommended: Staufen Downhill
 Czech Republic
Recommended: Sopela
Recommended: Velefique Freeride
Covas Freeride 
The Battle for Zborov
 Czech Republic


King of the North Denmark
Insul Freeride Germany
Downhill Academy France
Recommended: Woodwings France
Atomic Downhill Race Switzerland
Bukolik Switzerland
Gioasteka Switzerland
Recommended: Bela Joyride Austria
Verdicchio Italy
Madonna Longboard challenge Latvia
Cult Single Set Survivors @ KNK Slovenia
Recommended: KNK Longboard Camp #2 Slovenia


Montaut Express France
Recommended: Woodwings Camp France
La Pistole Freeride France
Izdebki Camp
El Valle Escondido
2º Festival Long & Roller Las Llamas Spain
Freeride Boi Taüll Spain
Recommended for gnar-seekers: Salzadella Race Spain
Teolo International Downhill Italy
Recommended: TMI Lillyhammer Norway
Lausanne Slopestyle Switzerland
Ecce Homo Czech Republic
Recommended for gnar-seekers: Kozakov Czech Republic
Red Bull No Paws Down @ KNK Slovenia
Recommended: KNK Longboard Camp #1 Slovenia


Wallonhill Festival Belgium
Montévrain Ride Challenge
Marchaux Classic Freeride
Koffe/Schnapps #1
Rigalet en roue libres 5.2 France
Beton On Fire
Women’s Longboard Camp
Veko Bonanza
Norwegian Cup Norway
 Czech Republic
Ravenhill 9.0
Slalom World Cup Grüningen
Recommended: Alpenrauschen
Cisterna d’Asti Italy
Rock ‘n Board Fest Spain
Monte Colmo Italy
Back to the Temple Italy


Le Saint Pathik #5 France
Rigalet en roue libres 5.1 France
Show Bouill’en Roller Skate Festival
Recommended: Eat Concrete
Pimp Mai Ride Germany
Grim Mountain
 Czech Republic
Konice Downhill Cup
 Czech Republic
King of the Hill Norway
Chill on the Hill
Pura vida Slidejam
Flughafenderby Switzerland
Grand Prix Valbisenzio Italy
Freeride ‘O’ Inferno Spain
Freeride El Soplao Spain


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