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ISPO Munich 2017

Landyachtz Longboards

The Internationale Fachmesse für Sportartikel und Sportmode, more commonly referred to as ISPO, is the world’s largest trade fair for sporting goods and sportswear.

Mat Rossi (Team Rider with Landyachtz) reports back on all the goodies. Here’s what he saw …

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AOB – Wheel Review

AOB – Area One Boards – Wheel Review – These guys are new to the UK and you’ll be seeing a lot of them at events to come!

74x 52 mm
78a offset

This wheel is geared up for those who are learning to do hands-down slides, or those who are already slaying the big hills and want to do some no-hands-down runs. 

At 74mm the wheel rolls very quickly and holds it speed well. The rounded lips allow an easy grip to slip transition. The chalky thane keeps you sliding comfortably on all types of surfaces at all speeds. This is a true free-hill wheel with bags of thane to burn. It will tackle just about any situation with ease, just watch out for wheel bite.


70x 42mm
78a offset

A classic freeride shape, the big cone and narrow contact patch make this wheel slide smoothly from the first slide to the last. 

At 78a the slide is controllable and the wheel gives you nice feedback from the road underfoot. The urethane type is chalky, it sits just below the surface of the road and peels away easily as you slide. The thane ‘dumps’ but the wheel overall is quite durable. It has a good roll speed, however due to its size and durometer it’s not the fastest. This wheel ticks all the boxes for fun, versatility and performance. An excellent choice for novices and pros alike.


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Long Island Longboards Like & Share Giveaway

We've teamed up with Long Island Longboards to treat one of our lucky followers.

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The most recent video from Long Island Longboards
Featuring: Eduardo Basabe, Ender Medina (photos above), Eloi Pujol and our newest addition to the team, Lamin Cassama. (See top photo)



Early this year, the Long island Longboards team went to Salsito Skate House in Calpe (Spain) to shred the best spots such as Bétero Skatepark, Palau de la Música and many sick dowhills.
 Downhill, freeride, transitions and innovative longboarding
 at the highest level with Perropro behind the lens.

Only enter if you have a European address for postage.
The winner will be choosen at random and privately contacted on Friday night (07/08/2015) and then announced via our Facebook when the wheels have arrived with the winner!

If you win the competition we will contact you via your Facebook to obtain your details, we will then pass the details on to Long Island Longboards who will send out one set of Titans wheels to you. GOOD LUCK!


Rayne Sinful Pleasure – Greed and Envy Wheels

Rayne team rider, Alvaro Bajo, recently got his hands on the 2013 Rayne Sinful Pleasure Wheel line-up featuring the new Ruby Red Rayne urethan formula.
A versatile rider, Alvaro covers a range of riding from Speedboarding downhill on his Rayne Greed Wheels to a bit more flared out Sliding and Freeriding, in and out of switch, on his Rayne Envy Wheels.  No matter how you want to roll them, Rayne Wheels are fast, fun, smooth and reliable!
This video is best enjoyed wearing sunglasses  – with a fan in your face for the full DH effect, of course!

Marta Guillen
Alvaro Bajo
Rayne Fortune / Rayne Wheels Envy 70mm 78a & Greed 70mm 80a / Caliber Precision / Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings / Rayne Foot-Brah Toe Stop

Now You Know: Wheels

Ever wanted to know why there are so many different styles of wheel and how they perform as they wear?  Well, here is something I have dug up from the vaults of longboarding knowledge.  With all of the new core designs and everything, there is even more to know about wheels than is explained here, but this will push you a step in the right direction. 


Orangatang: The New Moronga Wheel

Set for release in Feburary 2013, Orangatang have once again released a new freeride wheel: The MORONGA!

This one comes with a narrow contact patch to reduce speed loss through slides and the tried and tested Otang ‘thane formula so you know that they will be nice and buttery!

Check out the link below for more details.