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Thrill Travels :: Into the Wild

Team rider Ras (BTR) organised a road trip to the Welsh outback, he was accompanied by Thrill Magazine team riders Joe and Connor, friend Vasilis and some new female blood from Sweden, Germany and Lithuania.

After rallying through twenty miles of single lane roads we checked in at the Grand Vista hotel.

Penthouse views!

The free central heating was the best part of our room service.

The unique sleeping pods the hotel had to offer were a pleasant surprise!

The hotel’s driveway was pretty awesome, we decided to stay a while and play skateboards.

Canary Finch rides the edge of traction through the first righty.

Jenny throws a speed check mid-run.

Ras BTR charging into the Colosseum of pine trees.

Canary again, gettin’ it.

When he isn’t gettin’ it, he contemplates the point of cyclists wearing aerodynamic lycra… “They ride slowly up hills and apply their brakes down the hill. It just doesn’t make sense”

When Ras BTR contemplates, he thinks of nothing but ENGORILE.

Alex has Spanish blood. Feeling cold, she donned her hoody in 25+ degree heat whilst most of us were stripping off and getting sunburned.

She also has Swedish blood, that’s why she bosses corners!

Vasilis gets some gangster lean through the righty, POW!

It can’t be a UKDH session without a bit of breakdancing!

Until next time, folks!

Issue #7 Bonus Content :: Skate Gran Canaria

The UK's most recent Thrill Magazine team members Aron Hailey and Bodhi Keen venture out into the Atlantic Ocean with their longboards to rip up some volcanic gnar. 

Bodhi represents Newton's Shred, an online longboard shop in the UK.

These guys kill it with their media! Skate and Explore. 


Evil Excursions

Joe, Ras, Andy, Josh and 'Evil Uncle' Skateboard Phil take a trip up North. 

Welcome to the Boneyard, a stretch of super smooth and winding pathway through a future burial ground. Josh 'Fistycrabhands' Monk from Arbor and Newton's Shred navigates the second lefty with his fisty crab hands waving with glee!

Radical Ras, big boss of badass BTR leathers is pretty stoked! ENGORILEEE!

Evil Uncle Skateboard Phil looks worried… I think he nearly got chewed up by the hand rail of doom. Those wooden planks hurt you so badly that you think you have broken bones, it also makes you dizzy and sick. You have to be one evil shredder to take this bend at full speed!

Fisty crab hands himself must be a pretty evil shredder, he keeps his fisty crab hand pointing skyward on his entry to the corner of doom.

We drove up to the secret gravity research facility, only to find it was un-skateable until the North Korean army had finished their training drills.

We waited for three long hours to skate… After some awesome chips approved by Skateboard Phil we killed time with a group reading from the gnarly bible THRILL MAGAZINE!

Phil thought the new CTD gloved were 'bloody good'

We can't show you any photos from inside the secret gravity research facility because the static fried the memory card… Maybe next time.