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Longboarding 2013

2013 holds great possibilities for all UK skaters as the days are getting longer, the roads getting drier our wallets recovering from Christmas. As time goes on, the stoke will build and, on the back of this energy surge, I’m sure a lot of you will be planning trips to freerides and races inside and outside the UK.

If you haven’t been on a skate trip somewhere with your local crew, I strongly urge you to get out and get it done this year. Not only will your skating improve, you will have amazing experiences and, best of all, you’ll get to chill out and shred with your mates!

Here is a video of some well-known UK faces shredding some Euro hills back in 2011 (I think) and also showing an insight into the travelling and partying lifestyle that goes hand in hand with Downhill. Get out there, get stoked.

Today’s Lesson boys and girls…

Today’s lesson boys and girls – is how to bust out some stylish switch heelside checks!

Matt Bates is a heavily sponsored rider for Lush, Cult, Hopkin, Dekine and a few others and it’s clear why. He can shred the hills just as hard as he can schralp a schoolyard.

Check out this latest video of him!


Pick of the Day: The Go Go Flow

This video encapsulates my favourite elements of longboarding; landscapes, no hands down road slaying, travelling with friends and, of course, Marisa Nunez.

2013 is a big year ahead of us all, make sure that you make every effort to skate new places and progress your skills as much as you can. Most of all, keep yourself stoked!

I also found this picture from the Snake Skeleton downhill, it speaks for itself really and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about riding like they are. Chargin’ !


Newton’s Shred Family in the Pyrenees

Many of you may have heard of Oliver Slaughter and the videos he produces of him and his friends’ adventures on longboards. Here is the latest two of his videos from his trip with the Newton’s Shred family to the ‘Peyragudes Never Dies’ race in the Pyrenees.

Keep an eye out for the familiar faces of Josh Monk, Kami San, Shaine Fourie and Oliver Slaughter shredding with the big guns of downhill skateboarding. Josh crashing at 60mph, Oliver trying to footbreak and squirt a waterpistol backwards have to be my two favourite clips of the series.

The landscapes captured in the Pyrenees are incredible, the riding is tight and the videos leave you pumped to go riding! UKDH!

Part 1: 


Part 2:


Welsh Nostalgia: Sheepy Outlaw 2010

Sheepy hill was a downhill gem in the heart of Wales, a hill with about half a mile of downhill into 2 switchbacks, one tricky left and a final tight right-hander that spat you out onto a gnarly bridge. The hill is surrounded by soft ferns that almost makes crashing a delight and it can be spotted by the rider from the top as you can see the next few miles of road and traffic conditions. The road was resurfaced with a classic Welsh pebble-dash coat to everyone’s horror in 2011 rendering the hill unrideable. Gradually the road has been compacted down and worn back down to its former glory (so reports have said) and it looks like a trip to Wales will be back on the cards for 2013!

This race gets me all nostalgic for the UK scene. MK-II Longboards were in their heyday, Turn360 were hiring lifeguards to paddle pintails around the south Walesian towns, Newton’s Shred were relatively new kids on the block and hi-viz was all the rage. Dave Martin even skated downhill!!

Skip to 3:15 of the video below to see how the hill got its name.