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4th Time Lucky – Gurston!

Ist SSSprint Gravity Race Meeting of 2018 – Gurston Down – RE-SCHEDULED to…

NEW DATE – Sunday, April 29th

4th time lucky???! Just got clearance for the next available date at Gurston this year, and entries are now open for riders in all categories below, and for Street Luge ‘Taster Days’.

‘Taster Days’ remain at £75 and include luge, safety gear (ie any leathers, helmet, boots, gauntlets that you cannot bring yourself), hill fees, timing, and uplift through the day. Regular/other riders with all their own gear – £30

As always, I would be grateful if riders could confirm as soon as they can so that I can fully commit to the landowner for this date.

Those who kindly paid in advance…your slots carry forward to the new date. Simply confirm you want an entry.

Please note…
Each meeting this year will be run as a stand-alone event, rather than a championship round. As a result, and to simplify things, there will be no SSSprint Annual or Day Membership, just a flat Hill contribution at each event for regular riders with all their own gear.

The following disciplines may run concurrently at the meeting :

Street Luge
Classic Luge / Buttboard
Stand Up
Gravity Bike
‘Ice Luge’

Meeting Times

Please, could those coming for ‘Taster Days’ arrive no later than 9:30 am to ensure the day is delayed as little as possible by new riders being registered, kitted out and given instruction prior to the start of racing.

Safety briefing for all riders and scrutineering will be at 11:00 am.

If you have any problems, give me a ring on the same number – 07761 823609.


Remember to bring food and drink for lunch – and that you use the hill at your own risk; there is no insurance.

No leathers, no ride. This is a speed sport on tarmac. Appropriate protective gear, including leathers, MUST be worn. If you do not have your own, they are available for hire at £25 per day. You participate entirely at your own risk. Although a great deal of effort is directed into the safety aspects of our meetings, street luging and the other gravity sports practised on the Hill remain potentially dangerous. All persons should carefully note that attendance at SSSprint gravity sports meetings will constitute volenti non fit injuria, that is to say, you and those you attend with will be deemed to have accepted any risk of injury or damage whatsoever, and no claim in respect thereof will lie against the organisers.

See you on the Hill!

Tel: 07761823609

Video : ‘Team GB Streetluge’

The first Gurston date has been released which brings stoke to both luge and stand up boarders. Thrill Magazine will be represented, as usual by our editor, Sabina Edwards, who will be giving the luge a go. Last year’s streetluge has been captured in this compilation edit by Gareth Chamberlain and you can find out more by visiting Team GB Streetluge. Continue reading “Video : ‘Team GB Streetluge’”

Slide Perfect Review : Momentums/Revolutions

Meet the small UK wheel makers Slide Perfect and their two slidey wheels.


Slide Perfect Revolutions

Small, hard and surprisingly fast in the skatepark! These round-lipped 62mm, 86a wheels from UK guys Bodhi and Toby ‘Slide Perfect’ are designed for street slashing, tech-sliding and skatepark thrashing. Do they slide perfectly? In our experience, yes! They are super buttery and quiet sliding wheels that handle basically every surface we’ve tested, except the really rough stuff because of its size. The Revolutions are not thane-dumping, money wasting wheels of cheap urethane, they take forever to core and slide sweet throughout their tortoise-like lifespan. The wheel is centerset which means you don’t have that super-wide hanger look and the wheels fit snugly under our 8.5’’ wide testing deck. The graphic on this wheel is designed by the man behind KOOK Culture, a UK based clothing and artwork brand based in Essex. So, if you want to buy from UK companies and support the UK scene, the Slide Perfect’s are an affordable, durable and exciting wheel to have in your collection of thane.



Slide Perfect Momentums

The name says it all. The Momentums are huge chunks of urethane, they are 72mm tall, 65mm wide and they roll over pretty much anything. They may look like a hardcore downhill wheel, but don’t be fooled, they were poured from Slide Perfect’s secret urethane formula and they go sideways like a wheel a fraction of their size. We tested this wheel initially for its downhill performance and quickly realised that it was an incredible ‘free-hill’ wheel. Free-hill is basically skating downhill, without putting your hands down. Squat stand up slides and speed checks are so smooth on this wheel and the grip-slip feel is very supportive to the pressure you apply to your board without being too icy or too grippy. The wheels seem to be invincible, the SP thane won’t uncontrollably shred away and leave huge lines on the road. They have outlasted and resisted flatspotting on our hills that make light work of other wheels that have been produced by big-name downhill companies. If you enjoy high-speed freeriding and don’t like thane-dumping, flatspot-prone wheels, you have to try these for your big-hill freeriding escapades!



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