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Postcards from the Philippines

When reaching out for Lockdown Stories, we were thrilled when Isabell from the Aurora district in the Philippines got in touch. Over the coming weeks we will be sharing a series of stories from Isabell and her skate community, but first a little background…

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AOB – Wheel Review

AOB – Area One Boards – Wheel Review – These guys are new to the UK and you’ll be seeing a lot of them at events to come!

74x 52 mm
78a offset

This wheel is geared up for those who are learning to do hands-down slides, or those who are already slaying the big hills and want to do some no-hands-down runs. 

At 74mm the wheel rolls very quickly and holds it speed well. The rounded lips allow an easy grip to slip transition. The chalky thane keeps you sliding comfortably on all types of surfaces at all speeds. This is a true free-hill wheel with bags of thane to burn. It will tackle just about any situation with ease, just watch out for wheel bite.


70x 42mm
78a offset

A classic freeride shape, the big cone and narrow contact patch make this wheel slide smoothly from the first slide to the last. 

At 78a the slide is controllable and the wheel gives you nice feedback from the road underfoot. The urethane type is chalky, it sits just below the surface of the road and peels away easily as you slide. The thane ‘dumps’ but the wheel overall is quite durable. It has a good roll speed, however due to its size and durometer it’s not the fastest. This wheel ticks all the boxes for fun, versatility and performance. An excellent choice for novices and pros alike.


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