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The Return of the Dragon

After four years of slumber, the Dragon was awoken. Will Stephenson’s Ride the Dragon Freeride, Race and Taster Day stirred up a weekend of spills and thrills and a fair amount of gnar. Continue reading “The Return of the Dragon”

Dangerous Decks: Ride The Dragon 2014

‘Ride the Dragon’, a longboarding event held on a super gnarly uphill car climb circuit in Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales was hosted by Dangerous Decks and 2014’s event was certainly one to remember. If the first one wasn’t gnarly enough already, the track boasted a few more corners than previously, with significantly more gradient and twice as much gnar.  The track is truly brutal; on your body, your mind and your gear. Only us eccentric Brits would take on such a challenge. The video says it all really. Carnage! Continue reading “Dangerous Decks: Ride The Dragon 2014”