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Pick of the Day – Whistler 2012


This track looks intensely fun to race on, with cheeky kinks and plenty of overtaking room. Holding a fast line is the key to success on this course.

The images captured by the cable-mounted video camera on this track are unparalleled in capturing every moment of a race. I love this hill, I love the filming style and I love the downhill action. Watch this, get stoked!


Orangatang: The New Moronga Wheel

Set for release in Feburary 2013, Orangatang have once again released a new freeride wheel: The MORONGA!

This one comes with a narrow contact patch to reduce speed loss through slides and the tried and tested Otang ‘thane formula so you know that they will be nice and buttery!

Check out the link below for more details.


Liam Morgan Shreds Caliber Truck Promo

You probably saw this earlier and, like me, did a little bit of wee. Liam Morgan totally shreds in this promo edit for Caliber Trucks. Now you all watch this while I check Virgin Airlines for the cost of flights to San Francisco.  Who’s with me?  I’ll see if I can get a group discount and just check we can take our boards as carry-ons……