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Pro Tip: Making a Skate Video (Paris Truck Co.)

– The shot always changes on a ‘one-beat’ of a new bar in the backing track and it wasn’t too long.

– Sharp focus, few VFX

– Macro and Micro shots

– Exciting shots are thrown in near the end to finish on a high

– Epic landscapes

– Speed is captured so well

– The focus needed to bomb such fast-paced hills is captured

– Excellent use of light

– Interesting angles

– Super sick skating.

If you couldn’t tell… I love this video!

Pick of the Day: The Go Go Flow

This video encapsulates my favourite elements of longboarding; landscapes, no hands down road slaying, travelling with friends and, of course, Marisa Nunez.

2013 is a big year ahead of us all, make sure that you make every effort to skate new places and progress your skills as much as you can. Most of all, keep yourself stoked!

I also found this picture from the Snake Skeleton downhill, it speaks for itself really and it gives me goosebumps just thinking about riding like they are. Chargin’ !


Newton’s Shred Family in the Pyrenees

Many of you may have heard of Oliver Slaughter and the videos he produces of him and his friends’ adventures on longboards. Here is the latest two of his videos from his trip with the Newton’s Shred family to the ‘Peyragudes Never Dies’ race in the Pyrenees.

Keep an eye out for the familiar faces of Josh Monk, Kami San, Shaine Fourie and Oliver Slaughter shredding with the big guns of downhill skateboarding. Josh crashing at 60mph, Oliver trying to footbreak and squirt a waterpistol backwards have to be my two favourite clips of the series.

The landscapes captured in the Pyrenees are incredible, the riding is tight and the videos leave you pumped to go riding! UKDH!

Part 1: 


Part 2: