Tag: Freeriding

Texas Bombsquad

Recently I saw a video in the London Longboards page from a Texan now residing in the UK. He shared this link from the Texas Bombsquad and i was seriously impressed, i don't normally watch a video longer than 2 minutes. I have been so busy lately it has been difficult to dedicate time to watching videos on the internet and this has kicked things back off again. Freeriding fast, with your bros. Enjoy. 

Pick of the Day: Marmalade & Toast

UK Rider, Connor Finch has released a new edit he has made for Marmalade Skateboards. I have ridden with this guy a few times and i know he has the drive and passion to become a great skater. Based in Essex, this kid will no doubt be making leaps and bounds in his riding ability over the summer. Keep shredding bro!

Orangatang: The New Moronga Wheel

Set for release in Feburary 2013, Orangatang have once again released a new freeride wheel: The MORONGA!

This one comes with a narrow contact patch to reduce speed loss through slides and the tried and tested Otang 'thane formula so you know that they will be nice and buttery!