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Video : Woolfwomen (The Trailer)

Jenny Schauerte is known by many of us here in the UK and we continue to follow her adventures. Check out the trailer for her soon to be released film.

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Interview with Ben Holmes – Behind the scenes for’ Skate The Peaks 2015′

We interviewed Ben Holmes about his latest film released on: 14/10/15.

What inspired you to make this film?

I think about a year ago it kinda kicked in that I’d be leaving the Peak District in a years time for uni. Before I left such an incredible scene behind I thought I'd make a film that gives it the recognition it deserves.

How long did it take?

I think I’ve been stacking clips since April, so roughly 6 months.

Have you shot and edited the whole movie by yourself?

Yeah mostly. I've had help filming some shots that I'm in, I've used some people's GoPro headcam footage and I've also had help from some amazing follow car drivers.

Who helped make it happen?

A lot of people helped make it as big as it is. I received a huge amount of support from the whole Peaks/Midlands/North longboard community; everyone was happy to get stuck in and skate! I've had support from some amazing people who've helped me get to places I need to be, mainly my wonderful Mum! Also a big shout to Arbor UK, Bern and Sucrose for supplying me with quality gear to help me achieve all this! And of course big up to Mcvities chocolate digestives for helping me push through the editing.

What equipment and software do you use?

I use a Canon 600D with a bunch of lenses, a FlyCam Nano steadycam and a Konova slider. To edit with I use Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Logic Pro.

What is your next film going to be about?

At the minute me and some of the Arbor UK team are planning a little edit down south somewhere. I’ll also have some big uni projects coming up soon, so that will be fun!

How long have you been skating for?

I’ve been skating for about 3 years now.

What part of the movie are you most proud of?

That’s a tricky one haha! Probably the ending, I’ve been planning how I’m going to end the film for a while and its nice to see it all come together. Either that or Skateboard Phil’s little part, that man needs some heavy respect.

Do you prefer making movies or taking photos?

I prefer making films I think, but I love photography too! They both compliment each other and, as a cinematographer there’s a lot I can learn by taking photos.

What are your future aspirations?

I’d love to work as a cinematographer or DOP on a film set, or be a documentary filmmaker capturing raw life in some bizarre country. I aspire to inspire.

What is the most difficult part of making a longer edit?

For me, knowing how much footage you need for it; it's always more than you think! Finding the right music is always a massive challenge too, I think I spent 3 solid days looking for music for this film.

Have you learnt any valuable lessons?

I guess making a longer edit is a lesson in itself, it's taught me a lot about how to arrange an edit to have good flow and rhythm. I've also learned quite a bit about directing.

Do you have any advice for people wanting to skate the peaks?

Do it! It’s such an incredible place to skate with an amazing variety of spots and marvelous people, just give a shout to one of the guys up there and they’ll show you around.

Any advice for budding videographers?

Keep on making films! I believe if you have a passion for filmmaking, you will rapidly progress if you fight for your passion regardless of your initial skill. It's such a rewarding hobby/career and that's why we love it so much!


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Bela Joyride 2015 By Aaron Skippings

Bad Eisenkappel in Austria is the setting for a 6km long freeride with more hairpins than you can imagine.

Bela, Bela, Bela 

It literally starts on the border of Slovenia which is pretty sweet. The freeride was in one of the most beautiful locations I have ever skated in with amazing scenery to see as you skated down the windy road at near 50mph.A small crew of UKDH including the lush/cult boys made the car journey from blighty to get there shred and drink on .

The weather started off pretty cloudy on the first day but the Bigmountainskate crew still got everyone on the bus on time at 10am ready to head up to the hill. This is a pretty rare site on the first day of any skate event, so first-rate job on that Felix! The road started out patchy but after a few runs it soon dried off and we had some epic runs. I remember stomping hard on my first run which is pretty silly but I was just so excited to skate I had no cares but stoke!

It all started to get pretty crazy as there wasn’t a limit on how many riders could head down the hill at once, this was glorious and it made it interesting having to employ people-slalom most of the way down. Accidents did start to happen including many myself that I may or may not have caused haha (Daniel Shinnie now hates me.) 

The helicopter was called in twice however and after a while it was decided to keep the runs to a certain limit so no more injuries could happen, this was a good choice. After every day we had a super cold clean river to dip into and relax our muscles which really played a key part in our ability to skating so much for the 4 days, I felt good everyday!

Peak weather hit us from day two onwards and gave us blue skies, mountain views and plenty of sunshine. Just what us Brits need, shred thane not rain. We kept smashing the runs in till our legs felt like jelly and oh they did…stoke is a powerful drug and kept us pushing for more ,searching for more smiles, even if we couldn’t take anymore. No matter where you travel and who you skate with this is always the same, if your totally trashed and out of energy you know you have had a good time. For me Bela delivered on all levels and Bigmountainskate have set the bar for freeride events.

We did around 27 drops at Bela which is a stupendous amount in 4 days, a run is nearly 10 minutes long and it equals 180km of skating.

I’d like to thank felix and everyone at Bigmountainskate for putting in all the hard work to get this done. It was a truly epic event and I shall be back! Not to mention Alex Frischauf for filming some epic footage of everyone.


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Trampa : Street Carver Review by Dale Goodwin

UK Company Trampa sent us over one of their new Street Carver boards for us to test and play skateboards with.

Let’s start with a little information about Trampa, it all started somewhere around 2002 in Nottingham (and it is still there now.) Yes, this is a UK company imagined and built from the ground up. Their primary products are Mountainboards, Kiteboards and all the little bits and bobs in-between. They tailor the flex of their Decks specific to the riders weight, height & riding ability and then custom constructs the components by hand. That means totally bespoke boards, made especially for you! They are one of the biggest names in the sport of Mountainboarding and currently the only board Manufacturer to sponsor the ATBA UK Mountainboard Competition series.

If you think of yourself as an engineering nerd I implore you to check out their website and learn about the construction processes. Their boards come at a considerable cost, however, as you are buying something built in the UK that also comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!  I know, right ?!

Their latest creation is the Trampa Street Carver, a Longboard based on their standard Mountainboard design. You can buy all the parts separately (the deck, king pins, springs, baseplates, hangers) if you are a tinkering type and like putting things together yourself!

The deck is the same as their ‘Holy Pro’ Mountainboard deck, a 91cm long, 2.5kg flexible deck with 35 degree angled tips at each end. It comes with a bolt kit and fully gripped.

The trucks are spring channel trucks, they provide a lot of turn as you’d expect from a carver, look uber cool but unfortunately don’t allow you to pump. The initial turn is very easy and a lightweight child would have no problem turning the board. This board isn’t for bombing hills but you could give it a try if you wanted! It is much more of a commuter and play-about board.

The axles fit any standard skateboard wheel you might have laying around, but the 83mm, 76a Trampa Stickies have lots of grip and roll speed, which is what you want for pushing/carving. 

When taking the street carver out with some of Cheltenham Longboard Club, the general consensus was that it feels strange under your feet, the feel of one of these decks is unique and very different to anything you can find in the longboard market at the moment. They are a lot of fun to carve hard on without the risk of wheel bite. The board does feel heavy, heavier than most other ‘Carver’ Longboards, but Trampa build their products to be unbreakable and their decks have a lifetime guarantee. 

The perfect customer for the Street Carver would be anyone who’s tried Mountainboarding before and wants to get into Longboarding, the boards have a very similar feel. Anyone starting Longboarding for the first time would also enjoy learning on this board and getting a feel for LDP & Carving.

Click here for more information, to purchase a Trampa Street Carver (they have global distribution), or to just check out their website.

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The British Downhill Skateboarding League



If the box below is blank you need to clear the cached data in your browser.  


It’s a points-based ranking system for downhill skateboarders who attend BDSL sanctioned events in Britain (see Events Calendar above). The concept of the BDSL is to provide recognition and rewards for riders who perform and/or participate at any downhill skateboarding event held in Britain.

You must simply attend a BDSL affiliated downhill skateboarding event. Points are awarded to everyone who attends, although more points are awarded to those who compete. The idea is to reward and recognise those who make the effort to attend events, as well as those who want to develop their skills in a competitive way. BDSL points can be earned at both regional (open-road) and national (closed-road) events. The format of these events can vary considerably and is totally down to the event organiser’s discretion.

There will be end-of-season awards ceremony for the winners of each discipline; Open, Women, Junior and Luge. Bonus category winners will also be announced based on the outcome of various non-competitive attributes. Winners will be announced online around mid December each year. The prizes are kindly donated by various businesses from within and outside of the longboarding industry. 

The BDSL is not an events organisation team. It is not profit driven and it is not secular.  If you want to be involved or help out in any way, message them through their Facebook page. 

Website:  britishdownhillskateboarding.com

Facebook: BDSL – The British Downhill Skateboarding League

Instagram: @britishdownhillskateleague #BDSL


Big Ben’s Rendition of KNK 2015

We asked Ben Stainer to gather up some photos and anecdotes from the week-long Longboard camp KNK Bear's Guts Freeride (Slovenia). We wanted to give those who know nothing about it a little glimpse into what spending a whole week camping out in the wilderness and hitting 100+ hairpins each day is like. In all honesty we really think you should go to KNK to really figure out what it's all about because this article is going to leave you with more question then answers. Strap in.

KNK Longboard Camp Slovenia usually runs twice a year for 1 week by an amazing team. The venue allows you to camp or book a hotel room, there is music and hot food for sale all day and night. The local town is tiny and engulfed in trees and quite magical. If you would like to be kept up to date you can follow Longboard Magazin on facebook here. The Redbull No Paws Down Race is also held here, If you think of normal downhill racing as rugby then No Paws is like it's less agressive cousin football.




Slide Perfect Review : Momentums/Revolutions

Meet the small UK wheel makers Slide Perfect and their two slidey wheels.


Slide Perfect Revolutions

Small, hard and surprisingly fast in the skatepark! These round-lipped 62mm, 86a wheels from UK guys Bodhi and Toby ‘Slide Perfect’ are designed for street slashing, tech-sliding and skatepark thrashing. Do they slide perfectly? In our experience, yes! They are super buttery and quiet sliding wheels that handle basically every surface we’ve tested, except the really rough stuff because of its size. The Revolutions are not thane-dumping, money wasting wheels of cheap urethane, they take forever to core and slide sweet throughout their tortoise-like lifespan. The wheel is centerset which means you don’t have that super-wide hanger look and the wheels fit snugly under our 8.5’’ wide testing deck. The graphic on this wheel is designed by the man behind KOOK Culture, a UK based clothing and artwork brand based in Essex. So, if you want to buy from UK companies and support the UK scene, the Slide Perfect’s are an affordable, durable and exciting wheel to have in your collection of thane.



Slide Perfect Momentums

The name says it all. The Momentums are huge chunks of urethane, they are 72mm tall, 65mm wide and they roll over pretty much anything. They may look like a hardcore downhill wheel, but don’t be fooled, they were poured from Slide Perfect’s secret urethane formula and they go sideways like a wheel a fraction of their size. We tested this wheel initially for its downhill performance and quickly realised that it was an incredible ‘free-hill’ wheel. Free-hill is basically skating downhill, without putting your hands down. Squat stand up slides and speed checks are so smooth on this wheel and the grip-slip feel is very supportive to the pressure you apply to your board without being too icy or too grippy. The wheels seem to be invincible, the SP thane won’t uncontrollably shred away and leave huge lines on the road. They have outlasted and resisted flatspotting on our hills that make light work of other wheels that have been produced by big-name downhill companies. If you enjoy high-speed freeriding and don’t like thane-dumping, flatspot-prone wheels, you have to try these for your big-hill freeriding escapades!



You can also follow Slide Perfect on social media!




For more KOOK culture //







The event info for the last Tregaron Freeride.

29th -30th of August


Full weekend ticket – £65


  • Camping Friday and Saturday Night 
  • Food  : A Saturday evening meal and a Sunday morning breakfast provided by the Y Talbot hotel. 
  • Freeriding the whole time the hill is open. With loop uplifts and a safe fast course there will hopefully be tons and tons of runs crammed into the weekend. 
  • Racing if you so wish


(For spectators/lurkers/photographers/friends/parents) Camping Only – £10


Click here for Rider Waiver Form and Parental Consent (Under 18's) form. 


If you are already convinced click here to take you straight to registration and sign up. 


Need more convincing? Read below for more hype and logistical information.

Situated at the entrance to Gnarnia, overshadowed by the fearsome ‘Gates’ that lead into the darkest depths of Wales, Tergaron is the last settlement that is passed by those who venture out to the wilderness in their pilgrimage to attain Welsh gnar. This year’s freeride hill used to be a pot-hole disaster, but it has recently been resurfaced with smooth tarmac and the hill snakes its way through two hairpins that overlook some incredible welsh countryside. This hill is definitely worth the trip, not only for it's picturesque location, but for the challenging corners and exciting straightaways that allow you to develop your downhill and freeriding skills regardless of how good (or bad) you think you are. This hill gets an unconditional seal of approval from Thrill Magazine HQ because it was initially discovered by us many, many years ago and has been drawing us back to this region of Wales for over 5 years. If the hill isn’t all you want, the ‘Y Talbot Inn’ that is providing the dinner at the freeride has culinary awards spewing out of every pot and pan. If you want to eat well and have amazing fun on a skateboard this month (with uplifts), get to this freeride! It will be the single best downhill skateboarding event in the UK in 2015!!


Click here to jump straight to the Facebook event page to see if you can hitch a lift with any other nearby skaters attending.


All are welcome not just skaters. We need paparazzi and marshals too.

  • Are you currently out of skateboarding on injury or want to take part in the event but don't feel you are ready yet to skate ?
  • We need dedicated and alert marshals to help us run the event throughout the weekend, you will be fed and camped for free and given some sort of compensation for helping us run the event.
  • There will be a marshals meeting on Friday evening so that we can tell you what exactly it is that you need to do, and go over some basic safety measures, including your own.
  • We will be holding a marshals briefing before and after each day in order to maximise the safety of the riders.  
  • As an Event marshal you are responsible for:
    •  Policing a corner or straight of the event making sure any riders that fall over are not hit by riders behind them.
    • With the help of our medical team we will work together to ensure riders are safe at all times.
    • You will need to be alert at all times and not under the influence of anything.
Sadly we only accept people we know and trust to work as marshals. as much as we would like to involve everyone in the business of marshalling an event, being a marshal is too critical of a task to allow anyone to take up the role.


A weekend of skating with loop road uplifts at Pencefn Drysgol lane in Tregaron. Which means that there will be continuous runs, less time waiting for buses, less time waiting to do a run and ultimately more runs! A similar format to what Vandem Freeride in Exeter has been in the past.

The road is perfectly surfaced with 2 hairpins and fast straights, ideal for beginners and pro riders alike. You can try to grip and rip the whole track, get you pre drifts down or even do some no hands down runs, its up to you!

We are hoping to run some races on Sunday, including the Welsh Championships. But if you do not wish to race, the track will be open for freeride, after the heats have gone down (this means the number of runs will be slightly lower).


FOOD ???

Supported by the local pub (Y-Talbot) and by Pencefn Feeds Ltd.
The Talbot Pub is only 100 metres from our camp ground and they will be kindly providing us with an evening meal indoors in the Pubs function room on Saturday and a Breakfast there on Sunday morning. The Pub has kindly set aside for us the use of a 110 man function room where rain or shine we will be warm and dry.
The camp ground just 100 meters from Tregaron's Chinese restaurant and pub. 

There will be toilets located at both the camp site and track.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


17:00 –  Campsite open you can set up your tents and relax.
20:00 –  Registration and riders meeting. We hope to get as much as possible done on the friday evening so that we can start as soon as possible on Saturday morning.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

08:45 – Registration opens again for anyone that arrived late the previous evening

09:00 – Track opens for AMRAYS (as many runs as you survive) all day.  

13:00 – 14:00 –  Lunch brake (its more for our lovely marshals and uplift drivers than riders)

18:00 – Function Room of the Y talbot for Dinner and Pints.

20:00 –  Race registration and riders meeting

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —


08:30 – Heats announced
09:00 – Track opens for  AMRAYS
11:00 – Race to qualify begins. (Freeriders go after each round)
13:00 – 14:00 –  Lunch brake
14:00 – Racing continues
17:00 Prizes and then back to reality. 
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Race Format:

There will be 4 person heats for every category, which will be Open, Womens, Juniors, Ludge and Welsh Championships.

We will be running the same format as Hog Hill, for race to qualify, with tape being attached to each riders helmet and a number given at the finish line, depending on what position you finished. We hope to get the majority of the race to qualify done before lunch.
After the points have been calculated we will then move on to a knock out stage for the Open, Womens, Juniors, Ludge and Welsh Championships with the top 32 from each category from the race to qualify, qualifying for the final rounds. This can mean that there will be people in more than one category, at other events this has caused problems, but because we have a loop road system in place we hope that this can be avoided.