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Thrill Hill Freeride Hosted by Skate to Escape.

Skate to Escape’s Thrill Hill Freeride 

''We’d been discussing doing an ‘Event’ for a while, having Thrill Hill close by and a drive to share this hill with others we thought we'd start off small.''


Photos by Andrew Rose & The Skate to Escape Unit

Joe Baldwin had told us about the hill after we questioned him on the Thrill Spring Tour of the Lakes, we've been enjoying it ever since. We invited a handful of friends & some of the top UK riders who had given us a warm welcome into the UKDH scene at events previously in the year.  33 invites were sent & 13 turned up to battle the hill. 

Friday came soon enough, we made some trophies from old firewood we had kicking about & we loaded up and hit the road. Arriving at the campsite tents were pitched and fire was lit, people arrived in flocks & it wasn’t long till we were all acquainted and hit the pub. Clear nights in the Lake District come highly recommended. Stars galore!

We woke up to glorious sunshine on Saturday morning, had breakfast and drove the 25mins to the hill and begun freeriding.


The sun continued to beat down throughout the day as we took run after run. Thrill hill being challenging with its bumpy surface, steep hairpins, pot holes & general GNAR began claiming soldiers….



Tim Davis went down hard after high siding on the third right taking out his ankle and leaving him unable to skate for the rest of the weekend, shortly after David Lewis (winner of best bail) felt the wrath of the hill and ended up upside down in the bracken between two boulders unable to right himself. 



The level of stoke was high throughout, riders were progressing rapidly taking clean run after clean run. We were all around a similar level so we fed off each other, worked on lines and had a productive afternoon.  After 5 hours on the hill we started fizzling out and sitting back enjoying the view, eventually we packed up and headed back to the pub.



Fed and watered we headed back to camp to find an American hiker had lit our fire for us “with one match!” Slackline was set up and after a few drinks table football championship begun in the early hours of Sunday morning, which Oli Parkinson destroyed everyone at. (We were a dream team together tho Oli!) 



Sunday morning brought rain & the remaining survivors were eager to battle the hill in whatever condition. 

On arrival the road had a river running through every apex! A quick wheel change and we went at it in true UKDH style… 

Within the hour the road was patchy and 20mins after that it was bone dry! Change of wheels again & we started racing!


4 of the 13 were left to race, so we agreed on a points system so we all got a heat with each other & top two then battle for 1st & 2nd etc. 

Each race heat was great fun and exciting to watch! 

1st Lewis Taylor (I swear I didn’t fix it!)

2nd Robbie Eisler 

3rd Oli Parkinson 

4th Dale Goodwin 

 Thanks to everyone that came, we had a great time & hope you did too.

Lets skate again soon.

For more photos by Andrew Rose click here!