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Joe makes the semi-finals of the Jack Wills ‘Young Brits’ competition

All your voting and support paid off! Joe has managed to get through to the last ten people in his category for 'Endurance' int he Jack Wills Extrodinary Young Brits competition. If he is successful he will be able to fund UK longboarding events and subsidise logistical costs for UK riders who are seeking to develop their longboarding skills through travel and adveture. Fingers crossed!

See his profile here:


Category 'Endurance'

"I hope to expand the reach of Thrill Magazine and size of the British scene through the development of my skills with social media, photo-journalism and videography. I aim to spend my time organising British events that allow the longboarding scene to develop its skills. I want to facilitate travel and race entry for upcoming British riders through the success of Thrill Magazine. I will be organising international excursions to events in Europe for those without the means to do so themselves. I will have been to Canada and the USA to network, ride with the best professionals in the world and learn even more about the global longboarding industry. The zenith of my 5-year dream would be to establish the first gravity sports facility in the world here in Britain, a facility where annual races can be held, a place where anyone can practice longboarding or similar sports in a safe environment and where we can establish a base for the future governing body of the sport in Britain."

"What I would do with the £5000 prize money:
£1000 to fund longboarding events in Britain.
£1500 towards equipment that Thrill Magazine requires to enhance its media output quality and frequency.
£1000 supporting upcoming riders through sponsorship of their travel
£1500 to fund my 2015 travel and/or race entry fee's to international competitions

Thrill Travels :: Into the Wild

Team rider Ras (BTR) organised a road trip to the Welsh outback, he was accompanied by Thrill Magazine team riders Joe and Connor, friend Vasilis and some new female blood from Sweden, Germany and Lithuania.

After rallying through twenty miles of single lane roads we checked in at the Grand Vista hotel.

Penthouse views!

The free central heating was the best part of our room service.

The unique sleeping pods the hotel had to offer were a pleasant surprise!

The hotel’s driveway was pretty awesome, we decided to stay a while and play skateboards.

Canary Finch rides the edge of traction through the first righty.

Jenny throws a speed check mid-run.

Ras BTR charging into the Colosseum of pine trees.

Canary again, gettin’ it.

When he isn’t gettin’ it, he contemplates the point of cyclists wearing aerodynamic lycra… “They ride slowly up hills and apply their brakes down the hill. It just doesn’t make sense”

When Ras BTR contemplates, he thinks of nothing but ENGORILE.

Alex has Spanish blood. Feeling cold, she donned her hoody in 25+ degree heat whilst most of us were stripping off and getting sunburned.

She also has Swedish blood, that’s why she bosses corners!

Vasilis gets some gangster lean through the righty, POW!

It can’t be a UKDH session without a bit of breakdancing!

Until next time, folks!