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Better late than never! It seems so long since the VANDEM FREERIDE 2013 in Exeter went down but it is still fresh in our minds. What a hell of a weekend it was! Bombing a windy road with your mates, trying not to crash and trying to avoid those that did is something that doesn’t happen too often on such a scale here in the UK… but when it happens, IT HAPPENS! We have seen so many gnarly crashes from the weekend and even gnarlier Saturday night party antics, absolutely cannot wait until next year. If you missed the official event video, here it is again. So much stoke for the VANDEM FREERIDE! Check out Chris Vanstone bossing ‘the eagle’, spine-tingler. UKDH!!

Longboarding 2013

2013 holds great possibilities for all UK skaters as the days are getting longer, the roads getting drier our wallets recovering from Christmas. As time goes on, the stoke will build and, on the back of this energy surge, I’m sure a lot of you will be planning trips to freerides and races inside and outside the UK.

If you haven’t been on a skate trip somewhere with your local crew, I strongly urge you to get out and get it done this year. Not only will your skating improve, you will have amazing experiences and, best of all, you’ll get to chill out and shred with your mates!

Here is a video of some well-known UK faces shredding some Euro hills back in 2011 (I think) and also showing an insight into the travelling and partying lifestyle that goes hand in hand with Downhill. Get out there, get stoked.