Snappy Sheepy by LJ Leme

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Intrepid rider, LJ, writes “So, it’s 2020, the year of crazy. After months of lockdown, no events, no meet ups, no traveling to places such as Wales, where all the best gems are (#WalesistheonlyhillinEngland), the much anticipated announcement finally came to open the doors – and even though things had to be postponed by a week – the season is reopened.

With the promise of nice weather on our side, skaters started arriving from all parts of the UK for a much-needed weekend of skating with pals, camping out in the wild and fun times.

Image : LJ Leme

On arrival on the Friday evening, there were already some stoked riders getting a taste of the great Sheepy hill; in iconic settings, stunning scenery and an amazing sunset. Shortly after, we headed to the designated wild camping site, right next to a trio of dams. With camp set up, cooking done, it was time to do what we do best, drink lurk, and a good dose of safety meetings.

Saturday morning came along and, after a hearty breakfast, it was time to get on the hill. With more and more people arriving, it wasn’t long before some good pack runs were being sent, even with sticky tarmac.

For me, it was an odd day from the start; new set up just wasn’t working out so got on the trusty Lady Liberty and settled. Good times were rolling out now, with tons of smiles all round.

Sadly, with mid-afternoon came disaster. We set off; everything was looking to be a nice run but, as we stopped, my board stuck, flipped and my foot rolled underneath me. I instantly felt and heard my ankle snap.

Image : Jason Woodall

Immediately, the decision was made to call the ambulance which carted me off to hospital, the paramedic giving me copious amounts of drugs for the pain. Once at the hospital, X-rays confirmed that it was a bad one: spiral fractures (5), to fibula and tibia.

Image : NHS (round of applause) / Lj Leme

After a couple of days in hospital, an operation and my leg covered in a ton of plaster, I was good to go home and start recovery for the next 3 months or so. Should be all sorted just in time for the next Sheepy visit!

Thanks Bodhi for putting it on. Massive thanks to everyone who helped me out on the day; from making me comfortable, keeping me company, calling the ambulance and, of course, getting my car home – you guys rock!

Keep sending it, stay safe.


Image : LJ Leme
  • Words : LJ Leme
  • Images : Yosof Badr – Instagram
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