Skate to Escape wraps up 2018 with some Double Trouble

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The last event on the BDSL calendar, Skate to Escape’s annual event, Double Trouble, has become a weekend in Cumbria not to be missed. This year, Aaron Skippings shares his story and we also hear from first-timer, Kinga Rumin. 

Thrill Hill : Photo – Wikus de Jager / Google

“It’s Friday evening and I’m waiting to be picked up by Jack Patten. We are heading out to the Lake District for the BDSL Skate to Escape Double Trouble Weekend. Two days of skating in the hills with some awesome people.

Early morning we arrive at Patterdale Hall which will be our accommodation for the event. Patterdale Hall is a 300 acre private estate in Ullswater which is located conveniently close to Thrill Hill which would be our Sunday freeride skate spot.

We got some sleep and woke up the next day to get some breakfast and meet everyone else. The staff at Patterdale go all out to make sure we are fully looked after. A cooked breakfast everyday, pack lunches and an amazing evening dinner. All these things make this event a must visit for anyone who hasn’t been before.

The first day’s skate was at Langdale – a 25% windy path-like road. This was the location for the BDSL time trial.

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The weather, however, was not in our favour but the rain and wind made the day very interesting! Everyone was killing the freeride and getting super muddy from the grass banks. Slip and slide were the main words here.

We had 2 timed runs in the end as it was just so cold and wet. I managed to snag 2nd place behind Lewis Taylor and took 1st place in Luge (on my skateboard obviously!)

We escaped back to Patterdale Hall for a shower, hot meal and a good old chat about the day. The next morning, we headed out to Thrill Hill which is literally on the other side of the river from our accommodation. A road very similar to Langdale but much rougher. Again, it was raining but we were out of the wind this time making it was much warmer. I donned my BTR suit once again and headed up top for a day of free riding.

Editor’s Note : Ankle or no, I think we can all say how great it is to see Ben back on the hill! 🙂

I’ve skated and raced this hill before and love it. I like the technical aspect that really challenges you as a rider to nail the perfect lines. Everyone was having a great time and, unlike Langdale, everyone wasn’t struggling so much and all making clean lines by the end of the day. The rain didn’t get us down and only made the day even better.  Ben Stainer took a little tumble and smashed his ankle on a rock so had to rest up a bit towards the end of the day but other than that not many crashes happened. Well not many that were serious anyway….

 Photo of the day!

I’d like to say a big thank you to Lewis, Andy and Hermione of the Skate to Escape crew for putting on another amazing event for us all to enjoy. Also to Patterdale Hall for going all out and making our stay more than special. I’ll be back!”   Aaron Skippings


“How was the event for me? I totally didn’t know what to expect. Forecast looks terrifying. I took my camera so if I couldn’t skate I could at least take some nice photos.

When we got to the spot Saturday morning I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even do that, and the rain was too strong I didn’t even take my camera outside! The only options I had was skating or standing in the rain – so I decided to try!

First run was scary, really scary … and I finished it somewhere in the grass just after the first corner, but somehow that gave me the power to try one more time. I realized that I can do it!. All those fears were just in my head but my body already knew how to manage the slides. I need to admit, even though I was totally wet and cold, I loved that and was so excited for the second day.

It was one of the best experiences I’ve had. Sunday was a little less rainy so I decided to skip the first few runs and finally take some photos, and here the rain and all that water made the photographs even better. The effect was great.

Then I grabbed my board and went down the hill again – and I couldn’t stop!. Some people were already in cars, some drove back home but I just wanted more and more runs. For me that event was a chance to meet so many amazing people. We are all so different but at the same time we all just love longboarding. It was a great time to get to know myself a little bit better. I learned I can do more than I thought and that’s always worth it, even if we fall at the beginning.

For me, who wasn’t even sure I would try to go down the hill, finishing my time-run, being third next to those amazing girls, that was a lot.

And that food … food was the best!” Kinga Rumin



Many thanks to Kinga Rumin, Katya Krasner and Elliot Johnson for these images. Much appreciation also to Aaron Skippings and Kinga for sharing their stories.