Rom Boys – 40 Years of Rad – The Movie

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Being part of the skate community means a helluva lot. Those who were part of that community as youngsters are now part of the history, looking back to wonderous memories whilst those who, like myself, joined in later years, can only look back and wonder at those very skaters. The future belongs to us all, so whilst our memories are in waiting, let’s take some inspiration from the past as captured by this incredible project.


Rom Boys : 40 Years of Rad is a feature-length documentary currently in production highlighting the history of Rom Skatepark, Hornchurch.

As many of us who have skated at this iconic place know, Rom is the only full-size skatepark – in the world – to be historically listed and is a unique example of urban industrial skate architecture from the 70’s, still considered today as one of the gnarliest skateparks in the world.

Adam Whitaker chats to camera - Matt Harris (cameraman) / Kieron Harris (sound)
Adam Whittaker chats to camera – Matt Harris (cameraman) / Kieron Harris (sound)

This film covers the history of the park and it’s users, from the skaters of the 70’s to the BMX’ers of the 80’s through to the old skool skaters, many now in their fifties who keep the park alive today. The film is aiming for a 2018 release date to tie in with Rom’s 40th anniversary

Vans Pro riders came by recently to help out and get a skate in.

Ronnie Sandoval - Vans Pro Team Rider
Ronnie Sandoval – Vans Pro Team Rider
Pedro Barros - Vans Pro Team Rider
Pedro Barros – Vans Pro Team Rider

Success will come from the involvement of the skate and BMX community from past to present and, as such, personal stories, photographs, video (should I say cine film?) covering the last four decades would be gratefully welcomed. If you have anything to contribute please contact Matt at

Here are a few from last year (really recent history!) when ThrillMagUK joined FoUKS for their annual bash, get your stories to Matt asap!

With thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund, there is no doubt this project is going to be an amazing success and we can’t wait to watch this film and feature it in our mag. There is a series of anniversary activities going on throughout the year of the park’s 40th anniversary.  Work is already advancing for a number of projects:


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Photos: Matt Harris, John Greenwood, Mickey O’Sullivan

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