Pushing Towards Redemption

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Carver Skateboards is proud to host another year of The 9th Annual Gun Buyback in association with Longboarding for Peace and the San Diego Police Department on 16th December 2017 from 8:30 AM – 1:00 PM at 6020 Akins Ave, San Diego, CA 92114.

Their “Pushing Towards Redemption” video makes for thoughtful viewing, take a moment to view and read the story.

“There is a serious firearms problem in the US, with 8.9 firearms for every resident, which is more than 1.5 times as many as the next country on the list, Yemen. That’s over 270 million guns in America right now, and yet we continue to produce and sell more guns at an alarming rate. This results in many unwanted and unsecured guns that are accessible to children in the home, prone to theft and potentially used in crimes.

The Gun Buyback program is a way to remove these unwanted guns from homes so they can’t be misused. It is not a challenge to the 2nd amendment or to our existing gun laws, but a way to improve the safety of our homes and neighbourhoods. The way our Gun Buyback works is simple: you bring in a gun and we’ll trade it for a skateboard. We want to transform those guns into something positive, find a way for kids to be a part of a creative community, and teach them about another way of life.

Carver has been involved with the Longboarding for Peace program in Israel, and witnessed what a positive force just riding skateboards together can be, so we made it our mission to bring the peace initiative home and make a positive effect in our own backyard. In 2012 we had the vision to transform guns into skateboards and give kids an object that promoted health and community. After making some calls, we learned about a gun buyback in San Pedro, so we bought a bunch of skateboards. By 10:00 AM LAPD had already collected hundreds of guns and even some assault weapons.

By the end of the day, roughly 1200 weapons had been taken off the streets, filling the neighbourhood with sounds of urethane wheels rolling by while another skateboard works its magic. The program has since picked up speed, bringing together other skateboard brands and local organizations.

This year’s event is no exception, thanks to Longboarding for Peace, the San Diego Sheriffs’ Department, Loaded Longboards, Bustin Boards, Concrete Wave, and all our volunteers for helping to make our communities just a little bit safer. We hear it all the time, ‘skateboarding saved my life’, and we look forward to spreading that stoke further on Saturday, December 16th!”

Words/Video: Carver Skateboards

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