Tuck of the Irish – Pearse D’Arcy

Pearse gained his first International Downhill Federiation (IDF) podium with 3rd place at this year’s Transylvania Downhill’s event, Pasul Vulcan IDF World Cup 2019. Our new Media Editor, Ethan, just had to give him a call to share congrats and get his thoughts.

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UK & Ireland represents at World Roller Games 2019, Barcelona

Downhill longboarding and Streetluge are among the gravity sports which are rarely in the limelight. We hope this will change as a result of the World Skate / World Roller Games 2019, to be held in Barcelona in July. We interviewed those put forward .

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SLS London 2019 – Street League Skateboarding Returns

Street League Skateboarding (SLS) returned to London a few weekends ago, with the Copperbox Arena at the Olympic Park hosting both women’s and men’s events spread over the two days. Kev Hurdle and Linden Nieto got up close to share the action.

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Dew Tour 2019: Final day in Long Beach, California

The first street skateboarding Olympic qualifier event in the USA and the first Olympic qualifiers for park skateboarding reached the end here in Long Beach.

Dew tour 2019 has been a huge event from every point of view: besides the high audience participation and the amazing side events, it has been an awesome 4-days skateboarding contest.Over 300 skaters competed in the event, coming from 46 countries, and only 32 passed to the finals – 8 for each competition.

Surely newsworthy that 12 countries and 4 continents were represented in the finals.

Dew Tour 2019 – Street

One heat of 8 skaters qualified from the Semi final for both Women and Men: they had 2 runs and 5 tricks to win the competition and earn as much points as possible for the Olympic Qualifying Ranking.

Women Street Final
1 ROSA Pamela BRA
2 BUFONI Leticia BRA

Men Street Final
1 GIRAUD Aurelien FRA


Dew Tour 2019 – Park

One heat of 8 skaters qualified from the Semi final for both Women and Men: 3 runs of 45 seconds each, the best one counts.

Women Park Final

Men Park Final
1 PEDRO Barros BRA
2 CORY Juneau USA



Open Qualifier

The Qualifier round is open to a country quota of 3 skaters registered by World Skate recognized National Governing Body and Event Wildcard holding skaters. The 10 best skaters from the Qualifier round will advance to the Quarter Final.Jam Format: Heats of 15 (approx.), 3 minutes jam sessions with 3 skaters each.

Quarter Final

The top 10 skaters from the Open Qualifier will meet the top 15 skaters from the previous World Championship, not already pre-seeded in the Semi Final, and the 5 skaters holding an event Wild Card. The best 12 riders from the Quarter Final round will advance to the Semi Final. M&W Street Format: 2 Runs, 45 Seconds, best run counts.M&W Park Format: 3 runs, 45 seconds, best run counts.

Semi Final

The top 12 skaters from the last World Championship will be pre-seeded in the Semi Final competition round and meet the 12 skaters who made the cut from the Quarters. The best 8 riders of the Semi Final will advance to the Final. M&W Street Format: 2 Runs, 5 TricksM&W Park Format: Best of 3 Runs


Womens and Mens Street: The best 8 skaters from the Semi Final will compete in 2 Runs with a 5 Trick Format. Women and Mens Park: The best 8 skaters from the Semi Final will compete as for a Best-of-3-Runs Format.

Dew Tour Press Box

Media Assets

Sao Paulo hosts World Park Skateboarding Championships

World Skate announces the 2019 World Park Skateboarding Championships taking place in São Paulo – Brazil – next September from the 10th to the 15th.

The world’s main park skateboarding competition in 2019 will be organized by the Brazilian Skateboarding Federation (CBSk) and the Skate Total Urbe (STU) platform in partnership with Oi.

The World Championships will be host in the city of São Paulo on 10th to15th September 2019 and will gather the top 200 elite skateboarding athletes from around the world competing in two categories: male and female.

With the spotlight on this top level event, Brazil is going to consolidate itself as a main player in the world skateboarding scene. The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is the most important competition of its kind in 2019, awarding 80,000 points to the winners, in other words, the maximum available points that qualifies to the Tokyo 2020 games.

On June 6, the official launching ceremony of the World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championships took place at the Bandeirantes Palace in São Paulo at the presence of Governor of São Paulo João Doria, Sport Secretary of São Paulo Aildo Ferreira, Mayor of São Paulo Bruno Covas, World Skate President Sabatino Aracu, CBSk Vice President Eduardo Musa, Rio de Negócios partner Diogo Castelão and creator of the STU platform, Bruno Cremona, sponsorship manager of Oi and athletes and supporters of the Brazilian skateboarding community.

The event is set to take place in the Cândido Portinari State Park and it will be with free entrance. There will be a vast selection of urban culture activities such as music, art, fashion and gastronomy. In other words, the essence of STU, attracting the eyes of the world to the capital city of São Paulo.

“The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship shows the evolution of skateboarding in Brazil, in the city of São Paulo and in the State of São Paulo. We estimate that we have 2.2 million people that practice skateboarding in the State of São Paulo and a total of 9 million in Brazil. This is probably one of the largest skateboarding communities in the world.”

Governor of São Paulo João Doria.

“We are confident that these Worlds will be a great success and will close the Olympic qualifying Season #1 for Park skateboarding in the best way possible. Brazil is one of the key country in the skateboarding development and being able to stay so close to the top level skaters will be absolutely inspiring for the Brazilian youth” says World Skate President, Sabatino Aracu: 

“Since we started our path leading CBSk, we have been working hard in favor of the Brazilian skateboarding community. The first Brazilian park and street tours, the first national skateboarding team and the Street League competition in Rio are some of the many advancements we achieved. The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is another example of our achievements and it shows the trust that World Skate has in us. Our athletes have always been amongst the best in the world and now we reaffirm our fight to achieve the same excellency in structuring the sport in Brazil.”

Eduardo Musa, CBSk’s Vice President

Pedro Barros, the reigning skate park world champion said “The Brazilian skateboarding is steadily growing. Last year for the first time we had our national tour and this year we will host the world’s most important competition in 2019. This shows the potential that skateboarding has not only in Brazil, but the world. I’m sure that the world’s best athletes will be in the course, which only fortifies the skateboarding scene. An event like this one inspires youngsters to start skateboarding, creates a buzz in the city, improves our level in the sport and creates unforgettable memories! There will be the highest quality skateboarding for sure! With the warmth and energy that the Brazilian crowd generates in the stands, it will for sure elevate the level of any skateboarder!”

“Female skateboarding is improving a lot, there are many more women skateboarding these days. I hope that this competition can encourage more people to skateboard and that it elevates even more Brazilian skateboarding. Until the competition begins, there will be many other events, it will be a big year for us and when the time comes in September we will be ready for the most important competition in the world! I already know the course and it is for sure one of the best courses in the country, so be ready for our energy and skateboarding soul!”

Yndiara Asp, one of Brazil’s biggest names in skate park

Oi’s sponsorship manager Bruno Carmona enforced the importance of skateboarding inside all the sports that Oi Supports: “Sponsoring sports is an important pillar inside the marketing strategy of the company. We sponsor a lot of skateboarding events in Brazil and we couldn’t miss out on one of the most important competitions in the world that awards to the winner the maximum number of points that qualifies to the Olympics. Today, skateboarding is one of the most practiced sports in Brazil, uniting people from every background and all ages and because it is such a democratic sport, it directly connects the city with its population, which is one of our company’s objectives”.

The World Skate Park Skateboarding World Championship is presented by Oi and counts with the support of the Skate Total Urbe platform. The event also counts with the institutional support of the State of São Paulo, the Sports Secretariat of the State of São Paulo and the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB). The execution of the event is guaranteed by the Brazilian Skateboarding Federation (CBSk) and Rio de Negócios.

Photo Credits: Daniel Zappe

VolpaiaRace n Freeride 2019

Sabina Edwards shares her experience of this year’s Volpaia Race 2019 in the beautiful Chianti region of Italy. We also take the opportunity to hear from Stef Cree and Zack Leader of 3223 Racing about Gravity Bike racing and the World Championship.

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