Old Man LJ in Dublin for King of Huku

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We hear from LJ Leme, that old man of the hill, and his experience at the 3rd King of Huku event in Dublin, Ireland earlier this year.

“So, I took the plunge and got on a plane to Ireland, for the 3rd British Downhill Skateboarding League (BDSL) event of the year, and my first visit to the Irish country.

I met up with current BDSL Champion and event organiser, Pearce D’Arcy and were shortly joined by another BDSL top contender, Oli Parkinson, and Mo Osman. We headed to the hill, where we set up camp for the night.

Saturday morning saw the arrival of the remaining riders, who came from different parts of the UK; Bristol, London, Scotland and, of course, Ireland.

With the weather on our side, the freeride started. This gave the outsiders a good chance to practice and get good lines on what was quite a technically challenging hill, while the locals made it look easy. For anyone who hasn’t skated it or seen it before it’s narrow with 5 corners and you can reach speeds around 55 kph!

As the hill was quiet, with the general public and one way traffic going downhill, it meant loads of runs took place, and riders were able to go for it. However, as in any sport, when the limits are pushed injuries tend to happen and it was no exception here, with a couple of twisted ankles.

Credit : Alfie Marsh

As we got into the middle of the afternoon, and some rain on the horizon, racing got on the way.

Pearse, sitting comfortably at the top of the league, decided not to race and ran things with the help of the injured Finbarr.

Credit : Alfie Marsh

This is where things got serious and really interesting! Tight pack racing, fast speeds, and much fun! By the semi-finals, the rain had arrived and a wet road provided some great action and mild carnage – and me knocked out of racing.

Credit : Finbarr Crowley

The finals came long and, as expected, saw two of the locals racing against two visitors. A very eventful run, providing great action, few crashes, and the top four for the day.

Oliver Röder took the win, followed by another local rider, Mark Moore, in second place, with UK’s Louis Smallwood in third and Oli Parkinson fourth.

With racing complete, it was time to head back to the camp, some well deserved drinks, a big fat BBQ and chill times.

Sunday morning brought the aches and pains from a hard day’s riding, so everyone just had a chilled day freeriding.

The weekend was completed by a visit to the pub, some nice grub and saying goodbye to Dublin.

Thanks Pearse D’Arcy, and everyone who helped in running a great event.
Till next time!”

Words, images and edits by LJ Leme unless otherwise stated

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