Moonshine goes Freestyle

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So, Denham, who are Moonshine Skateboards?

“Moonshine are a 100% skater owned and operated company. They are the antithesis of every mass produced soulless deck manufacturer in the industry today. Everything is made in small batches, with hand screened graphics designed by independent artists and each deck has more of a focus on the artwork (or on the pro who’s name is put to the deck) rather than the company itself. Adam, the Top Boy at Moonshine looks after his skaters, and wants the focus on them rather than the company name. The great thing is, he does so much for us that we promote the brand tirelessly and as second nature without having to be asked to do so.”

Photo : Jim Goodrich

What do they do?

“Moonshine focuses on two core aspects of skateboarding that don’t get enough support from the wider skate community: Vert and Freestyle. The company was purely a vert company to start with (and that’s what they’re known for), but Adam wanted to support more skaters who perhaps don’t get the same opportunities as their street counterparts. Let’s face it, street doesn’t need any help! Adam was just stoked off the skating he used to see as a kid and saw the value and individuality in freestyle, and wanted to support us. If only more bigger companies would do the same….”

Why and how did you get involved?

“Well, I took a break from freestyle for a while. I had a lot of personal issues and a problem with certain substances. I didn’t skate for about 3 years and certainly didn’t touch freestyle anymore. I eventually got back into it and hooked up with Alex Foster (THE cornerstone of UK Freestyle) and headed out to events, where I met the enigma that is Tony Gale. We skated together, and Tony; being more experienced in the game and an absolute shredder, told me Moonshine were thinking of putting together a team and put me forward as his first choice. This was after NASS Festival in 2014 I think. I jumped at the chance, as Moonshine represented everything a skate company should be: bold, irreverent and a complete backlash against the clean-pressed skate industry which now dominates the scene.”

L-R: Denham Hill Nick Beaulieu Stefan Lillis Akesson Dillanger Kane Felix Jonsson Mirei Tsuchida with Ikkei Nagao and Yuzuki Kawasaki in the front. Photo : Diego Pires

Finally, what’s their vision?

“The vision of Moonshine is purely to support rad skaters, and those who dare to step outside the norm. Also, to provide the best quality decks and gear that you might only see once every now and then, as good quality product is rarely mass produced.

Tony is now distributing Moonshine product in the UK, and is a powerhouse in the freestyle scene. Despite him selling out the North and becoming a Southern lad! I’m joking, of course! He’s a rad dude who works tirelessly for the community, and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunities he has given me and others.”

Photo : Matheus Navarro

Denham will be repping for the Moonshine FREEstyle team at the World RoundUp Skateboarding Championships in Canada, May 17-20th.

Words: Denham Hill

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