Medusa, nice to meet you!

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‘Italy is only 23% flat land, leftover are mountains and hills crowded by asphalt roads.’ By Simone Mondino

Here we are in the North-East of Italy, at the bottom of the Monte Grappa massif where Edoardo Stocco Lives.

Pit-stop, hot coffèe before to go in a new spot. it’s funny because all guys they never seen two “wet” longboarders in a coffee.

It’s close to Venice, and even closer to the Dolomites, which became by now even too popular among the world’s community.

The white lane into the fog on Monte Grappa

He is 30 years old and he love 2 things the most: designing and skating. I combined these two passions into a project called MEDUSA, which gave me the opportunity to develop and produce different decks.

The old “factory” and the studio of Edoardo Stocco, the owner of Medusa Skateboards – Made in Italy longboards.

It was spring when me (Simone Mondino 28 years italian professional photographer) and Alex decided to come and visit Edoardo and his awesome spots. He was really happy about this little trip. Alex “Geims” Luciano is an incredible creative skater and of course member of the Medusa Team.

I love shooting all around the longboarding world and when the weather conditions are really “shit” I want to try and realize the best shot ever. A terrific photo.

The snow is back. Crazy spring into the Dolomiti, heavy snow and longboard. Rock ’n roll day!

On this occasion we couldn’t miss the chance to bid the winter farewell while hoping for a long summer of riding in our local paradise. Really cold spring and heavy snow. The perfect conditions to take some of great pics.

Heavy rain, but geims is never tired!


Monte Grappa, here is died thousand and thousand of soldiers and the land where bleeding during the 1st world war. In the cold foggy days maybe is possible to find some ghosts still fighting inside trenchs.

Dolomiti, the vertical paradise, an incredible place to skate where the mountains are made of pink rocks. Be carefull here fast motorcyclists, cars and swarm of cyclst are everywhere.

Simone Mondino – Mini bio

I was born  in 1988 where I currently live. I’m a self-taught freelance photographer working mainly in the North of Italy, but I have also had opportunities to work in other areas of Italy and other countries in recent years and my work has appeared in numerous publications on international skateboard magazines.

The passion for photography began when I was young and inspired by the mountains and the snow; in fact, as a child I was always fascinated by snowflakes and mountains, so much that when I was thirteen I asked for  a camera as a Christmas gift to capture every single snow event. With time the passion grew more and more and after many years doing different jobs I could finally bought my first reflex (a Nikon D90) and then the rest of the equipment and after some experiences as an assistant photographer I understood that the only job I want to do in my was to be a photographer. My favourite sentence  is “Fotografo la realtà per renderla eterna” (I Photograph the reality to make it eternal.)

Since the summer of 2012 I began photographing the Longboard and following the Italian Tour of Sector 9. Thanks to this sport now I have now published several photos and articles on some of the most important magazines of the skateboarding at the international level: HeelSideMag (Australia), Crvis3r Skateboarding (Brazil ) and Concrete Wave (Canada

I participated and won national photographic contests, including the first place in “Visions Poetics”, “We Love Langhe” and “MonViso Unesco”. Finalist at Sipa (Siena International Photography Awards) 2016.

Between a shooting I live my life as is spying on the world from behind the lense of my Nikon.


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