Longboarding Days & Nights – Skate & Surf Camps in Portugal

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Holiday in Portugal and learn to longboard dance? If that sound good to you then Longboarding Days & Nights has everything you need. Here is what they have to offer.

Valeriya & Johny

Valeriya Gogunskya, 26, moved to Finland from her native Russia at the age of 18 to study and it was there in 2015 she started longboarding. Falling in love prompted her subsequent move to Portugal and, with Johny, created Longboarding Days & Nights. Valeriya tells the story:

We can make the world a better place by doing what we love.




When moving to Portugal from Finland, I hoped to finally join a longboard community in Lisbon to skate with but to my great disappointment, I couldn’t find any. In 2016, longboard dancing & freestyle was little known in Portugal so to change it my boyfriend Johny and I started Longboarding Days and Nights. This was in 2017 and it was the first longboard community dedicated to longboard dancing and freestyle in Portugal. With the support of the local Association Sealand, we organised our first longboard event in Praia de Santa Cruz, followed by another one, then started with longboard classes and then, more as a joke thought ´how about a longboard camp?!´

The thing is, one can devour countless YouTube tutorials but there is always something that slips away. Even if you grasp the technique behind the trick, you wish there was somebody next to you to say ‘hey, you gotta turn your upper body more’ or ‘shift your weight more to the front foot’ or simply cheer for you – and suddenly you land it! I found myself in a situation where it was hard to progress and no one to ask advice from. Somehow I felt it wasn’t just me who craved for skate buddies.

In other words, the initial idea behind starting a longboard camp was to (re)create the feeling of a longboard community, even if only for a week, where everyone who is passionate or just curious about longboarding could join and learn from pro riders and each other in a safe and fun environment.

In reality, it worked even better; riders of all levels and riders-to-be from 20+ countries, whether they have a community by their side or not, started joining us at the Atlantic coast for epic skate and surf sessions, a retreat in Nature and delicious food – all shared and savoured together. A longboard dream that goes far beyond longboarding!

There are several things that make this camp a very special and worthy experience for anyone who is into longboarding:

o we invite some of the world’s best pro riders as full-time instructors, each with a different background, skills, and style, and then we skate, skate…and skate!

o we keep our group small – only 12 students for 2 instructors, to create a family-like atmosphere and make sure everyone gets personalised guiding
open to all levels!

o it is both women and men who participate and both women and men who teach

o high-quality equipment and insurance are provided

o mind-blowing location by the ocean, surfing – and unforgettable sunsets

Full details for the May and June camps are up and bookings are being taken. Camps are organised for September and October too and these details will to be announced soon – so keep an eye on their Facebook page. A special edition for December is set for Morocco – so don’t delay!

For loads more beautiful pictures and all the details; prices, locations, content, accommodation, check out their website.


Longboarding Days & Nights: WebFacebookInstagram

Valeriya: Instagram

Sponsors & Partners:

Bastl Boards

Paris Truck

Cactus Dist

Squid Wheels

Sealand Association

Words by Valeriya Gogunskaya – Images from Longboarding Days & Nights

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