Lockdown Stories #1

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Can’t believe it’s August! What’s been happening through lockdown then? Quite a lot by all accounts. Some of our readers have shared their stories with us, so we are making a short series – or a long series, who knows:

Sam Searle

We’re going to kick off with 11 year old Sam Searle who has been skating obsessively for the last nine months. Just as we all went into lockdown, Sam broke his arm!! Oh maaan! No stopping him though; within hours of having a full cast put on, he was back at it! Sam’s gone from dropping-in to 9ft verts and dreams of being a pro skater.

He was out of action for about a week but was back to skating street as soon as he had his full cast on. He skates at Totton, Salisbury and Prevail mostly (all south west).

I love skating because I love the feeling of learning something new.

Sam Searle

What an inspiration! Follow Sam on Instagram @sam_skates_7 🙂


Daniel Hammond

It was great to hear from Daniel Hammond who recently moved to Somerset from London and began riding a Santa Cruz longboard.

With a history in inline skating and competition level ice and roller hockey, transferring those skills to longboarding isn’t going to be too difficult, I reckon.


Angelo Umali

Thrill Magazine reaches around the world so we were ‘thrilled’ to receive a few pix from Angelo Umali from Baler, Aurora in the Philippines. On the left is his friend, Ian Valentin, practising. Well, we’ve all been there!

Images : Isabell Jasmin Kittel

Be warned, the video he shares with us is not for the faint-hearted – Angelo is following his friend Hershon, on these death-defying corners!

We will be hearing more from the Philippines and their amazing skate scene soon, stay tuned!


Elizabeth Stuart

Back in the UK, Elizabeth Stuart – one of the admins on Very Old Skateboarders Facebook group – shared one of her experiences with us.

“Having heard on the news that England is the laughing stock of the world in respect of the way we are dealing with Covid 19, I had put on my facemask and one glove (the latter for opening the gate and pressing buttons at traffic lights) to walk to the park, although I didn’t wear them to skate. We have been asked to reduce use of the canal paths, to protect the narrow- boat residents. Alas, it is sometimes difficult to socially distance on the pavements without walking on the road.

In the park youngsters performed skilful, random wheelies. Slightly older young people on electric scooters whizzed fast. The park was busy. Watchful, I skated carefully.

Rain started falling on my way home. I went into Tesco Metro to buy a few things. Hand sanitiser had been placed on a table at the entrance, available to use. The security guard permitted me to leave my Landyachtz R5 and my StreetsweeperLandpaddle, which he described as my toys, propped between a wall and a vegetable rack at my own risk, as he was too busy to look after them. I thought this was fair. Observing the two meter spacing and one way route inside the store, I paid for my provisions, thanked the security guard and went home.”


Amy Whysall

“I’ve been longboarding for 5 years and always use it to commute to work. I love that I can just park it next to my desk and if I’m tired after, I can jump on a bus with it. I work in a country park and use it to get around the site faster than walking.

My other half was always excited about having a go at longboarding but, being a self employed DJ, he was apprehensive about getting injured and being unable to perform.

Lockdown gave us the perfect opportunity!


After just a couple of attempts, he was cruising along on his own. We started doing longer distances and it opened up the world to us to go on adventures together.

Longboarding brought us so much closer and gave him the confidence to have a go a paddleboarding.


Wrapping up this edition of Lockdown Stories, from Portugal:

Antonio Santos

“My name is Antonio, I’m 25 years old and up until January 2020 I was living in the UK. I decided to move to Portugal so that I could practice for the So You Can Longboard Dance competition which was originally scheduled for April and I felt highly unprepared if I didn’t skate at least 5 hours a day until said date.

I did practice for a while but due to the whole COVID-19 situation, I had to self-isolate for 3 months and find other ways to keep improving.

In the meantime, I got to skate some pretty scenic places!


So, that wraps up this episode of Lockdown Skate Stories but the next episode is being compiled right now. Stay tuned, stay safe!

Words & Images belong to each contributor.

If you have a lockdown skate story for us, please send to info@thrillmagazine.com – Thank You!!

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