JennyRain Eurotour

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Jenny has been busy this summer, snapping photos, riding tarmac and living life. 

photo by Tiki Alex 

Alpenrauschen, in English, means the `whoosh of the Alps ́… interpretation as one pleases. Early this spring, this shot was taken by Tiki Alex, the street luger, who is famous for his numerous very professional video shots of downhill skateboarders across the world. Alpenrauschen belongs to one of the many events, run by the nicest bunch of guys under the name `Big Mountain Skate ́. The united BTR wolf pack is killing it on the sexy track, consisting of 8 hairpins, endless banked sweepers, 9% average grade, and smooth pavement on quite a high plateau of the Austrian Alps. 

photo by Tiki Alex 

Flying out to Norway this spring was the worst decision, something there just went so wrong for me. On my first IDF race I failed-big time. Many crashes, cold freezing nights-where the sun never set- and camping without food or drinks in the chilly hills of the most expensive place I ́ve ever visited: Lillehammer. I thought I ́ll never skate again! One night I put on all my clothes in my suitcase, plus stole some from Ras, Tom and Connor but still froze my ass off! A good bunch of individuals made the trip not so awful in the end. Surely it was memorable!

It ́s the beginning of the season. JennyRain is officially Master of Arts, fresh from Uni and open-hearted, loving life and the freedom of joblessness. Pack up my van, rent out my room in London and off I go… This is, where my actual road trip starts. 

Knowing, the trip to from England to the Czech Republic is tremendous, especially if you have to drive it all on your own, I plan a stop in Berlin at my best friends house.

Refreshed from a good nights sleep and yummy German, homey food with a 50 ́s standard lamp more in the van, I flyyy to the biggest European downhill skateboard race event.
EVERYONE is there. The first time in long time I feel like holiday.. The sun is shining and people are already getting drunk between the tents, the half pipe or the slack lines next to the party tent and the honey buckets, or are still sweating in their leathers on the top of the hill idolized by wasp swarms heavily attracted by sticky sweet, half empty red bull cans.
I know it sounds awful describing, but GOD, this is exactly what I needed!

photo by CGSA 

I meet my little Italian boy again, Skizzo, whom I skated with last season. He ́s still the same old crazy, sketchy, fuzzy headed kid, to have ALLOT of fun with. We communicate: me in Italian, he trying his best English and hand and feet. It ́s the best! Plus he is a chef and has the best camping equipment you can imagine. I put my standard lamp in his tent. We laugh our asses off. 

selfie by jennyRain 

All my way through Europe i have followers, car shareres and grand people around me. With those skizzo Tato, Chris Cruz, Troy and other spanish swiss finnish Xeves we head towards Ancona where we get stuck in Rimini. There they rob our wallets, car keys and and phones, our dignity. Pumpin foam parties and disco nights with other traveling skaters and italian food kill the hours between the events.

Verdicchio shows its wild italian heat, salsiccia and wine. Those skater kids just can ́t get enough of race fever, slacklines over stinky rivers and sweaty soccer nights. My leg turns into an alien, the hole in my chin shows my bown. A day off and antibiotics cannot kill my vibe. Lyde kicks ass and Troy has issues with skating over the finish line on his belly.

Live, Rachel and me follow Mirko and Company to Rome to spend the night with James Kelly and boos. After a sexy bath with the ladies in the Trivoli fountain we finally sleep on the beach, where the hot morning sun and the sound of the sea wakes us gently. A morning swim completes the perfect night and we sadly drop Live at the airport. After pizza for breakfast and a heavy storm, Bagels and me undertake the long drive to Innsbruck, Austria. A bunch of happy Innsbrooklynian summer nights, alpine creek baths and lazy shreds with Jimmy Riha , Lilly and Anna follow.

Rachel takes off to see Lyde in France and I follow Lilly to Stuttgart, where we party hard at the skate shop and a video release joined by some amazing german shredders and the RAD crew. After a visit in the Root Boards workshop, I go for a chill and van-rehab to my parents house in southern Germany. Spring cleaning time for bimbo, my lovely home and wheels takes 4 days and many wheat beers, but so soon the ants in my pants urge me to move on. 

selfie by Tibor Dhont -Tibi 

photo by Robbert van Haaften 

photo by – top: photo by CK Photography / bottom: Robbert van Haaften 

That standard lamp is still in the van with me. The late night arrival at the camp spot makes me and the McWhinnie family not realise that our spot is awfully located underneath a climbing park. The authorised Swiss-Italian climbing gurus don ́t treat us very welcoming and we are moved three times, until we find a new homey spot underneath the pine trees where the morning sun denudes the beautiful rocky mountain peaks next to a deep blue icy lake.
Crazy people with megaphones and funky sunglasses open up the freeride upon the sexy curves of the Swiss beauty hills. Fancy funny runs with James Kelly, Rock-paper-scissors- games with Jimmy Riha and ninja, morning beer and cheese with TB and B Becks make the event to a total success.

The last day I wake up hungover. It ́s raining. I decide to head to Zürich and let Aki cook spaghetti for me. After the slowest but tasty rocket and tomato spaghetti and a bottle of wine we head to Zürich city with Dillan the dog and broken saddle Fixie bikes. A jukebox, dances into the nigh, a boozed bike crash and Dillan the dog was always on our side 🙂
The McWhinnie family and Aldo invite us to skate and camp with them on a secret spot just above Zürchsee. Dillan the dog joins us, he runs up the hill and embraces the nature. The boy try to fish some fish by the little lake on top of the hill, but we end up cooking spaghetti on the wild camp fire. After a couple of cow-shitty runs in the morning dew, TB and Becks pick us up to go to another hill by Murg. The day with systematic uplifts by the injured Rob, crazy close film runs with Aldo and my single flying wheel -never found again- ends up with expensive pizzas and sad good byes. It ́s time to go home!

After a short night in my van in the streets of Bern, I end my Eurotour with a looong lonesome drive through France back underneath the cloudy skies of London, where a hole bunch of work and life-sorting-out awaits me strongly.
One month of hard work, job applications, a Dismaland visit and London city at it ́s `full-on ́ awaken those ants in my pants. The thirst for more downhill skateboarding and traveling is just still not appeased… 

After the longest drive, I pick up my lovely Anna (Pixner) from the hostel in Toulouse, where we wildly buy baguettes, croissants and other tasty French delights to keep us fed for the next couple of skateful days in Spain. After fueling up and sightseeing in Andorra, we head to the freeride event, which we nearly didn ́t find, because the camp space is in a gym hall. The tents are put up anyways. The track is located in the higher peaks of the Pyrenees just north of Barcelona. The Spanish hospitality towards two skater girls is tremendous! We enjoy the sunny freeride with Hammon-Sandwiches in the lunch breaks and invitations to Barcelona.

After a visit to the Spanish hospital on the ambulancia following the sirens of the police car, we find that Annas arm is luckily not broken and after a few more runs for me, we head to Bipo ́s lovely flat in Barcelona. »Welcome to the jungle!« he yells. The nicest jungle for hungry skater souls is found!

On the next day poor Anna recovers from a bladder infection at Hektor ́s place in central Barcelona, while we seek a sweet skate spot in the heat of the midday. Another few days of sight- seeing and skating with the happy Barcelonian skate crew pass and the recovered Anna and me head to the next freeride event south. Castel de Castells is located in between olive and almond trees by the sweet hills of the Alicante mountains.

After a bunch of sunny sweet days of skate with Tato, who got injured in the crazy crash corner and the friendliest organiser Derek Blanquer and his funny dog Bipo, we head to Altea, where Derek invited us to his place close to zombie town Benidorm. Our eyes and skater hearts embrace the beautifully dried out countryside where the Spanish government build new well paved roads, that we use to our advantage. We still cannot believe the amazing streets here and the hospitality brought towards us. After a week at Dereks place a heavy storm and many beautiful runs with more happy like-minded souls and a crazy day-night with the Salsito House boys, we have to move on. My good friend Pauline flies down to Valencia from Dismaland in Bristol, where we pick her up and cruise our way down to the beautiful tropical fruit plantations in Almunecar. Roberto the hippie, whom I met on facebook through Joe Balwins contacts, picks us up with his little old motorbike wearing a skate helmet. He takes us to his grandmas house at the beach, shows us his beautiful hills and feeds us with freshly picked mangos, pomegranates, avocados and fruits and didn ́t know they even exist. 

photo by JennyRain / Derek Blanquer 

I couldn’t be happier with those sunny beach vibes, awesome streets and my best friends on my side. Pauline, who doesn ́t skate, helps doing uplifts and gets fully merged into the skater zone. She is the perfect company for this and loves playing sweet tunes to keep us happy throughout the long drives. Anna learns how to roll my van down the hill without gears, which gives me a couple of more runs. I ́m so lucky to have such good people around me!

As Joe Baldwin and Robyn are in England at the time we pass Granada, we cannot visit them, which sucks. But luckily Joe gave me Lloyd ́s contact from ShredoGrande in Gibraltar. After another long journey through mind-blowing coastal serpentines full of great tunes, Lloyd and his girlfriend and their two dogs warmly welcome us three girls in their house. We skate, eat and sleep in the garage. Gibraltar ́s triangle mountain sticks out to the foot of the hill they live on. We cook together and they invite friends.
One day the hill is so high, that during the runs the fog slowly creeps up on us. We skate through a massive cloud on the sexy street high above that blue blue sea… I nearly run a construction car over.. 

photo by JennyRain / Roberto Garcia 

photo by JennyRain / Roberto Garcia 

We ́re about to visit my most favourite place in Spain to skate with my most favourite Spanish skater, Tato. The drive is quite long, but fully worth every single mile.
We receive wet kisses from him -Tato style- and have a quiet evening chill with skate videos, rout plannings for the next days and beer.
The following days are packed with extreme skateboarding from the early mornings on and an amazing bunch of Tato ́s friends, who kindly help uplifting and staying tuned. My favourite road is a 14 corner serpentine, that you can completely see into and spot cars from the very top. Patrik, who got completely covered in `bacon ́on the day before drives us everywhere we want and films several runs. My favourite run of the trip happens here with Anna, Tato and Jota. We hold hands 🙂

Unfortunately also this time goes by. After a party night out in Madrid and allot of boos, Anna heads back to Barcelona to take her flight home and Pauline and me visit our luge friend Helene at the coast in the south of Bordeaux close to Hossegor. At a great night with Crepes- Party we also get to meet Janine La Franca, who invites us to her place in Hossegor as Helene is leaving to go to Bali. Once she showed us the beaches and outlet surfer village on a rainy day, we get smashed and go out to a fairly empty surfer pub, as it is off season and everyone has gone to semester holidays.

Slowly my bad conscience is strongly creeping up on me for not working and just traveling and taking so much time off. Pauline and me start heading towards our beloved London again. We stop at her parents house by Nantes, France for a night and enjoy mommy and daddy spoiling us. Full of beautiful memories and French cheese we arrive safely and happy in the big wild English capital city. 

photo by Pauline Bourdon 

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