Ireland Joins the LGC Worldwide Family

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Longboard Girls Crew has arrived in Ireland! Wahoooo! We asked the new Ireland LGC Ambassador, Isabella Motta, to share how it all came about and what we can expect to see from the crew in the future.

Longboard Girls Crew, Ireland

“Hi, my name is Isabella Motta and I live in Dublin, Ireland but am originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I started skateboarding as a teenager but only tried a longboard for the first time about 5 years ago after seeing a Longboard Girls Crew video.

LGC Ireland Ambassador – Isabella Motta

I hadn’t been skateboarding at all at that point and when I saw the LGC video I was completely blown away – it was so inspiring to see women of all ages, body shapes and backgrounds doing those crazy things on the board!

All Out Design hosted the 1st LGC Ireland meet

LGC Ireland gatherings – early beginnings

I bought my longboard a few days later, started practising and took lessons with an amazing teacher, Thais Braga.

Fast forward a few years, I was organising a female empowerment event at work and the proposed theme was “Lead with Courage.” When brain-storming speakers, I immediately thought of Valeria Kechichian, CEO and Co-Founder of Longboard Girls Crew and Longboard Girls United and my role model. Valeria flew into Rio de Janeiro for the event and meeting her was probably one of the best days of my life! We became friends and kept in touch after that.

Right : Valeria Kerchichian, LGC CEO

I moved to Dublin last year and she invited me to be the LGC Ambassador for Ireland to grow the community here – and I couldn’t be more honored and excited to do it!

My favorite discipline is dancing and I still have a long journey ahead to get better at it. However, I am super looking forward to attending a longboard camp organised by Valeriya Gogunskaya of Longboarding Day & Night in Portugal this October, especially as Guilia Alfeo is one of the teachers and I’ve been following her on Instagram for ages! Can’t wait to meet and learn from her!

LGC Ireland Rider – Irina Petricesu

I hope to bring back everything I learn and host workshops and meetups to get more women in Dublin into longboard skateboarding.”


Words – Isabella Motta, LGC Ireland Ambassador

Images – LGC/ LGC Ireland, used with permission