Hogtoberfest 5

Hogtoberfest 5 was the most attended longboarding event in the UK, ever! I know we say that every year, but it is true. 

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Hogtoberfest 5 was the most attended longboarding event in the UK, ever! I know we say that every year, but it is true. 

Over 210 riders showed up over the weekend. There were over 80 racers in 72 race heats which were completed in only 2 hours, a blistering pace. Not to mention 3 slalom competitions, 2 slide jams and a hugely successful dance jam. Big thanks to D.A.S Industries and the UKSSA for organising and all the attendees who recieved points for the British Downhill Skateboarding League (BDSL).

Photo by Michal Tuszynski (see more)

Timmy Peters, the Hog Hill event organising behemoth from Nottingham raised the bar yet again with shiny gold T-Shirts, wristbands, posters and the most smooth running Hog Hill event we’ve ever seen. Timmy doesn’t run a one-man show though, that’s nearly impossible. Here’s what he posted on the Facebook event page; “Huge thanks to Rob Ashby and Sam Gordon for doing all the booking in the beginning, running the slalom competitions, inviting us along and getting us involved at the cycling centre”

Photo by Deer Park Shred Squad (see more here)

Saturday is always a short and sweet day of riding accentuated by a long and gruelling night of drinking. #Hogakov initiations are a rite of passage for all the groms and newcomers. This year the metaphysical bar of standards was lowered to a state of comatose, just after vomiting on one’s self and attempting a one-handed pushup in a bucket of your own puke. You know what they say “What happens at Hog, goes up on the internet”.  Oh, and the new log cabin got its cherry well and truly smashed.

Photos by Linden Nieto

Sunday is smash-dash-push hard and don’t crash madness from 9:30am to 5pm. The women turned out in force for the downhill racing this year, they ran round-robin qualification heats before progressing to the finals. Incredible competition from every girl. The giant slalom course this year was very fast and flowy which made for some exciting moments as 20-30 riders ran across the course before the next GS rider came down speeding down.

Photo by Chris Drewery (see more here)

This year’s dance competition went off. Skaters from all over Europe showed up to bust a move and the quality of riding was insane. Watch this space, next year’s ‘So you think you can longboard dance’ will soon have some serious competition. 

Photo by Leo Griffiths

The opportunities for spectators were also impressive this year. The new BMX pump track has been built and you can have a go for a fiver. There is definitely something for everyone at Hogtoberfest now and i expect to see 300+ riders there next year!

The Competition results are as follows: 


1. Shaine Fourie

2. Joe Baldwin

3. Aaron Skippings

Photo by Chris Drewery (see more here)


1. Alex Bailey

2. Katya Krasner

3. Mist Einarsdottir



1. Alan Bajalan

2. Andy Marris

3. Felix Grisby



1. Aaron Skippings

2. Gareth Chamberlain

3. Bodhi Keen



1. Vincent Tanguy

2. Joe Baldwin

3. Louis Selby



1. Vincent Tanguy

2. Louis Selby

3. Mmedo Duffort



1. Cyprien

2. Paul Coupe

3. Trevor H.



1. James Allen

2. Elliot Drummond

3. Max Mcharrie



1. Fred Sheppard

2. Joe Williams

3. Max Mcharrie


Click Image below for BDSL points table.


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