Event Coverage :: Swanage Slidearama

Thrill Magazine's event coverage of the Swanage Slidearama on 4th May 2014

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Thrill Magazine's event coverage of the Swanage Slidearama on 4th May 2014

Swanage Slidearama 2014 Hosted by James Woodford Sponsored by Newtons Shred, DAS Industries, TROLE Industries, Vortex skate,scoot-wake, Bournelands Longboards and Charlie the Bikemonger.

Molly Crompton getting sideways

When I arrived at the jam, people were already well on their way and working their way down the steep and sketchy hill. Everyone was working out where to slide and trying to hang on to their boards! 

George Howes 

Slide jam winner George Howes

During the slide jam, a Hippie Jump competition was set, with some interesting moments and some nearly snapped ankles  Cameron Palmer came out on top and claimed a T-Shirt for his efforts!

Photo Cred Molly Crompton

Next up was the biggest standy competition. This was dominated by Bodhi keen and George Howes. Bodhi came out on top, hitting the 80ft mark and George coming in close with 70ft. 

Ry Swanton 

Slide Jam winners: 3rd place- Ryan Weekley 2nd place- Jake Brown 1st place George Howes

After the sliding, there were a few more prizes to give out, the one leg tuck contest was up first. People dropped out quickly as there legs started to give in and slowly the numbers dropped. There were then two and after some time it came down to Aron Hailey winning!


Ry Swanton hitting the ramp!



Cameron Palmer came out on top for the "big air", hitting a clean 180 off the ramp.

The turnout was sick and everyone shredded hard! Thanks James Woodford for organising and thanks for the all the sponsors for making it possible!

See you next time!


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