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Aron Hailey Photo-report (Boardside Media) :: Dartmouth Slide Jam

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Aron Hailey Photo-report (Boardside Media) :: Dartmouth Slide Jam

Thrill magazine's event coverage of Dartmouth slide jam April 13th 2014

Hosted by Dylan Pina-Hoblyn, the idea was turn up and skate, no competition, just good times with sick skaters on one gnarly hill! The 20% narrow beast that is Dartmouth!

Things got started straight away and the turnout was great. Around 12 brave skaters. Jonathan Braund travelled all the way from Bournemouth and killed it all day! Fast slides and even tucking the first section.

Bodhi Keen getting stoked after a run!

Ryan shredded all day, with fast 180's and 360's!

The hill was perfect except from the gruelling walk back up.

Callum Haakanson going big backside.


Our biggest concern was getting kicked off the hill. I'm a local to the hill and have never had a problem, but the increase in numbers was definately a concern. After a chat with the workers, we were all clear to skate, and that we did.

Photo: Hubert Wigier  Rider: Jonathan Braund


Photo: Hubert Wigier

Event organiser Dylan absolutely shredded the hill! Busting out clean 360's and fast checks.

Rider: Harrison Satchell


The event was a huge success, with approval to have another event. The hill made everyone pull out their best skating and the level of skating was awesome to see. So much sick riding and only a bit of road rash and scorched wheels as a result.

Thanks Dylan for organising it and thanks DAS industries for some sweet posters! 

See you next time!

Check out the event video…

Photos and writing: Aron Hailey

Extra photos: Hubert Wigier


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