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What’s new in the footstop department?  Kami San and Dan Ravenall have had their minds together over the past two years developing a new design.

EOS Footstops hit the market last month after a two-year development stage with Dan and Kami re-thinking the footstop design.  The idea was to produce something a bit more aggressive in terms of grip but still have ample moverability.

Looking at the current market, they found that many footstop companies provide different shapes but their initiative was to provide one footstop which proved efficient for every discipline; slalom, freeride and downhill.

Kami says “We spent months looking for the perfect shape because the one thing I wanted, from the beginning, is a bigger lip into which I could snuggle my shoes!”

EOS Footstop   Kami San   Photo Kai Menneken

They go on to explain “The EOS footstop is a meaty brick of a footstop, with one design for both goofy and regular riders looking to get a snug locked-in feel on their board, whether its downhill or freeride.  The EOS footstop comes with a riser for you to adjust it according to your shoe height. The design features a fat lip to hug your shoe in all the right places giving you leverage over the front of your truck with ease without trapping you. The gnarled pattern provides a coarse surface to prevent slipping but not eat your shoe up.At first, Dan and Kami used a 3D printer to create prototypes in order to keep the costs down and then see how the shape worked out. After months of testing these 3D-printed stops – and destroying most of them – they finally found their preferred shape and grip. They felt it was important the grip could lock your foot in regardless of your position or degree of shoe contact; even with minimal contact your foot will not slide out.

The design allows you to heelside and shuffle your foot (if you do) for a toeside and still be tight on the grip. The footstop has so many mounting options so you can really place it in a sweet spot tailored to your stance. The fat curvy style means you can flip your board over, grate it on some chunder and still have a lot of life left in it. Plenty of bang for your buck.

Using the EOS allows the rider to really dive in those corners and remain in control, pull the board for those quick push starts and get extra leverage on those slides. It’s a great addition to any downhill or freeride set-up. 

Most importantly, it’s avaliable in various colors for that matching swag!”

EOS footstop 3EOS footstop 1
EOS footstop 4EOS footstop 2


Have a watch of Kami’s recent Beachy Head run:



Ed’s note: “I have a bright green EOS footstop and used it at Gurston Time Trials and Arico-El Bueno Freeride in Tenerife. It felt weird initially to hook in my foot and I wondered how it would feel when I fall off, which is inevitable for me.  I certainly did feel securely lock in and when I did fall off it stayed attached to me, for which I was grateful as I’m not great at that whole running-after-your-board-as-it-shoots-down-the-hill-without-you thing … but I digress.  For me, it’s a yes to the snug locked-in feel!



Words by Kami San and Dan Ravenall

Pictures by Shaun Schofield, Kai Menneken


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