Drift to the Centre

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Drift to the Centre are a crew based in and around Newquay. The founding members of the team are Ryan Beer, Sheree Wall, Jirka Matušek, Rich Travers and Signal Jacker.

Ryan hosts the Newquay Longboard group, represents Roots Longboards and The Surf & Skate Lab. Sheree is one of Longboard Girls Crew UK ambassadors and hosts Newquay Longboard Ladies. In 2018, they organised an event to celebrate Go Skateboarding Day.

Photo : Newquay Voice


Easter Saturday saw some of the team gather to kick off their year with a Mini Spring Slide Jam. Here is their event report:

Drift to the Coast

On a blisteringly sunny day in Newquay, Cornwall, some of the Drift To The Centre crew rallied to their local shred spot of Mount Wise with high hopes of slides, steps and sunshine, topped with some tunes from a hefty portable amp that boardwalker Louis Williams brought down.

They were then shocked at the fact that it was full of what the Cornish folk would call “Emmits” or more simply, holiday makers, that had come to Cornwall for their Easter break. After some time dodging cars and irate people, they gave up with their regular patch (through fear of the burly council worker telling them to ‘bu*ger off’ a second time).

After a food stop they all followed the enthusiastic Ryan Beer, who was adamant that Newquay harbour was going to be even better and less busy (I’ll leave you to guess how crammed it was there) and soon after, everyone trekked up to the lesser known Snake Run – a gorgeous stretch of tarmac with a wide ocean view.

Some time was spent there, mainly laughing at how sunburnt everyone was, but eventually the crew pushed off back down the hill to a much quieter Mount Wise, where dancing was a lot easier and far more roomy.

By this time it was nearly 5pm, and after skating for around 6 hours everyone was wiped. People headed off home with smiles on their faces and red raw skin, talking about when the next Drift To The Centre event might be.

For more information, go find Drift to the Centre on Facebook, like, follow and keep in touch for their next event!

Words: Ryan Beer & Louis Williams

Video/Images: Ryan Beer – Facebook : Instagram

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