Double Trouble – UKDH at it’s Seasonal Best

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Once again the unit that is Skate to Escape (featured blog on our site) did not fail the UKDH community when organising this weekend of skate.

Take a look at this great edit from Alfie Marsh of Longboard Scotland:


It’s a long haul up to Cumbria for those of us down South but a 6 or 7 hour drive totally pays off with the quality of every aspect this weekend brings.

First of all, knowing that there is a proper building to stay in! No tents flapping in the wind, leaking rain; no shivering in damp sleeping bags, dew drops freezing on the end of one’s nose. No, no, not here.  Here we have Patterdale Activity Centre.  All of it! Just for us!

And our own catering staff!  Oh, my days! Proper hearty food! Pies! Steamed puddings! Full English breakfasts! Endless tea and coffee! Am I overdoing the exclamation marks? Methinks not!

Comfy beds, warm showers, drying room, log burning stove, hot food. Why wouldn’t you spend the day slippin’ n slidin’ down these beautiful roads, bearing the inevitable bail into the muddy banks when you have all this welcoming you as the sun sets over the valley, bringing a last shimmer to the snow-capped hills?

This weekend incorporated two technical hills – each with 3 or 4 hairpins within less than 200m.  Kicking off in Langdale, and after a wait as we took to the cars to wait out the rain/sleet/wind, it took all riders a while to get used to the tight corners making it was a great leveller regarding of prior ability. Needlesstosay, it didn’t take long for the more experienced riders to figure it all out and as the day progressed some made it through to the bottom accompanied by the usual wooping of encouragement and stoke from the others.

Back at the ranch, after fabulously hot showers, we settled in the lounge, fire ablaze as we waited to be called in for dinner. Later, Games Against Humanity commenced and was followed by the film “Highway Gospel”. Another log was put on the fire (steady there, Lyndsey!) and the evening played out with some chilling in the lounge, working the indo board whilst others were on the games console and others in the games room playing pool.

Here is a preview of our photo album for the weekend. Click any image and check out the rest:

Double Trouble 2017

After an amazing night’s sleep – thankfully! – we hit Thrill Hill. Such a great spot, with its far-reaching views over Ullswater. Again, the day started with a degree of slipperiness but not half as much as the previous day. The day was warmer with a clear sky. Beautiful. There was still a load of bails (especially from yours truly – happy to receive the Best Bail(s) prize of a set of wheels! – but progress was made, especially by those of us who were less experienced.  A few pretty hard tumbles, nevertheless, though I expect whatever our bruises look like, we will be signing up for next year without question.

Just 13 of the original 20+ riders remaining. Photo: Lewis Taylor

Words: Sabina Edwards
Video: Alfie Marsh
Additional images: Max Brown


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