DJINN’S X Olson & Hekmati review + much more!

Djinn's sent us some amazing products to try plus we have some to giveaway!

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Djinn's sent us some amazing products to try plus we have some to giveaway!


Yes finally, it is time to put away those Nike's and put on a pair of precision crafted skate shoes.

'Djinns' in the Koran and Muslim tradition are spirits often capable of assuming human or animal form and exercising supernatural influence over people. Perhaps this is why Joe started squealing when he open the box to his new Easy Collab from Olson & Hekmati and Djinn’s. Djinn's we established in 2001 are most well known for their head-gear but are now rising up in the sneaker world too.

Performance, comfort and style. The board is tactile underfoot in these shoes, finding the rail and connecting to your setup is very easy. No loss of durability or comfort though, the vulcanised sole is tough enough to withstand hours of skating on super coarse grip tape and fast foot breaks. The DJINNS grey and brown suede style is fresh, subtle branding is dotted about the shoe is refreshingly understated. The thick laces can withstand heavy crashes and add a lick of quality. The insole of the shoe is made of comfortable cork and the tongue is accented with the O&H logo. Out and about, or mobbing a hill at 60mph, this shoe’s got you covered. I raced in these shoes at Hogtoberfest 2015.



So lets jump from feet to heads. This 5 panel flatcap for reptilian enthusiasts.

I have one of those remarkably small heads so I was hugely suprised when adjusting this hat that it went down to my size without creating an ugly bunching up at the back. It sits cleanly on my head and is soft enough to be snug but designed so that it keeps it's shape. It proudly state on the front 'We love ugly caps' but this cap is far from ugly.



This NICE natte padded grey sneakers are our first Facebook giveaway click here to open facebook and share to win.

We spent a lot of time photographing all the details of Djinn's products from the cork inner sole that are springy and comfortable to the varying nuances on all the label designs. A smart design that doesn't dig into your heel make the whole NICE range comfortable, smart and trusty. If you love this style but fancy something a little more tweed check out the :



Nice Spotted wool pique grey and brown version. Even softer with a rather Yorkshire Tea, farmer cap and Doctor Who feel to them. You can also get a matching trucker hat. These shoes have a tan leather heel much like the Olson & Hekmati Collab with a simular sole.


Another giveaway! Visit Facebook to enter.

The Red Padded Jersey Trucker Cap. The stitching detail on this cap gives this traditional American cap a unique style. You could definately find this cap gracing the heads of Ashton Kutcher, Pharrel Williams and Justin Timberlake. Another hat that the 'Fits most' sizing guide is spot on. It has a ridged structure that is crafted to last, i don't think you'd have to worry about your friend accidently sitting on it and ruining it's crisp feel for life.


These comfy lightweight  Easy Run Trek trainers have a bouncy sole and a simular fit to Nike Airmax but a bit more forgiving around the ankles, They also have a 100% cotton lining. They have a retro look that really stands out and there isn't anything else 'trending' like this. Again down to every detail these trainers look and feel great. Great for walking, raving and city life.



This is another collab from DJINN'S this time with Mazine, I think what makes Djinn's product diverse are the many influences from other great artists, designers and companies.

This Lowlau 2.0 navy shoe has a furry lining and a thicker sole ideal now the weather is getting a bit colder, the cold concrete floors have a bigger battle to reach your tippy toes in a pair of these. They have a cool aztec style pull on tab at the back for a bit of flair and individuality.  Now another winter essential :



The turn up waffle knit grey beanie. This hat is super soft like a fabric conditioner advert. The design and all seeing eye on the centre badge are subtle. This hat is going to be glued to my head all winter, I wore it up to the Sierra Nevada mountains for a short hike and I kept forgetting it was there, sometimes hats will bother my forehead or slip around, but the lightweight material and stretch keep it in place.


Our final giveaway going out on Friday keep an eye on Facebook! Women's Size 6.

These Easy Run rubber navy Aztec trainers, simular in shape and feel to the Treks above. A subtle, rich blue with detail on the tongue and heel. These shoes are smart and hug your foot like a sock! The winner is going to be very lucky!

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