Dale Goodwin’s Escape to the Alps

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With just 8 days notice, I got a Facebook message from Tom @ Never Summer UK, for the opportunity to go Snowboard & Skate in the French Alps.


I’d never been Snowboarding before, mainly because of the high costs involved, but I’ve always wanted to give it a try. Not to mention the Downhill Skateboarding potential on some of the Ski access roads all around the Alps. 



The opportunity came through a Snowboard Chalet company (Bura Snow) offering a free week (excluding chair lift pass) to Never Summer UK, due to having previous contact from ordering lots of Never Summer Snowboard decks for hire use. 

In short, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity and after working Bank Holiday Monday at work, to get some work finished, I was free to escape with just 6 days notice! Myself and Tom drove his van on Friday afternoon, down to the Eurotunnel and through France, a monstrous 17 hour journey through the night, but well worth it.



Saturday evening at the Chalet was chilled out but I still managed to get an hour of skate in on the steep, narrow side streets of our Chalet in Peisey, just to get a gauge of the road surface more than anything! They’re grippy.. Slovenia esque grippy, but still nice to slide and scrub on. Totally worn out with just 2 hours sleep in 34 hours, I showered and went to bed, excited to try Snowboarding on Sunday.

Sunday came around and time to use my own bindings and boots. Tom set me up with a Never Summer Snowtrooper 156cm deck, a good all-rounder.

On the slopes I spent the first 2 hours doing 1,000 press ups to pick myself back up from falls. Despite this, I dialled my heelside & switch heelside slides pretty quickly and toesides shortly after, a massive grin on my face after I made it down my first Blue run. The thing that I found most different to sliding a Skateboard is that Snow has zero resistance meaning I could lean so far over without ever needing to put a hand down, a concept very alien to me, but I got used to it.



On the Monday, the weather was being extra kind, sunny and low winds gave us the opportunity to go find some roads to skate late afternoon. Immediately we found a nice run down from ‘Nancroix’ 4 corners with very long straights, with an epic view of Mount Blanc in the background.

After I got lots of runs in and Tom had shot a tonne of awesome shots, we headed downhill in search of some tighter corners. Very quickly we found a recently resurfaced gem with a tight right that kept turning for more than 180 degrees.
After Tom had finished getting lots of different angled shots, I was done in but hyped about the spots. The rest of the week the weather got gradually worse, so we reverted to Snowboarding at 2000-3300m up most days.


By Friday I was exhausted from 6 days of riding, but as Tom left for Morzine in Austria to go do a Never Summer Demo, I got a UKDH esque afternoon of wet skating in on the sidestreets of Peisey. A nice way to end the trip.

Big thankyou to Tom @ Never Summer UK for the trip and all the photos. Also thanks to Bura Snow for putting us up and the amazing hospitality!



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