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Boarders Without Borders

Boarders Without Borders is a documentary that follows the progression of the UK’s first all-female, all BAME* longboarding crew founded by Girl Dreamer, an empowerment platform for young women of colour. Continue reading “Boarders Without Borders”

The British Downhill Skateboarding League



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It’s a points-based ranking system for downhill skateboarders who attend BDSL sanctioned events in Britain (see Events Calendar above). The concept of the BDSL is to provide recognition and rewards for riders who perform and/or participate at any downhill skateboarding event held in Britain.

You must simply attend a BDSL affiliated downhill skateboarding event. Points are awarded to everyone who attends, although more points are awarded to those who compete. The idea is to reward and recognise those who make the effort to attend events, as well as those who want to develop their skills in a competitive way. BDSL points can be earned at both regional (open-road) and national (closed-road) events. The format of these events can vary considerably and is totally down to the event organiser’s discretion.

There will be end-of-season awards ceremony for the winners of each discipline; Open, Women, Junior and Luge. Bonus category winners will also be announced based on the outcome of various non-competitive attributes. Winners will be announced online around mid December each year. The prizes are kindly donated by various businesses from within and outside of the longboarding industry. 

The BDSL is not an events organisation team. It is not profit driven and it is not secular.  If you want to be involved or help out in any way, message them through their Facebook page. 


Facebook: BDSL – The British Downhill Skateboarding League

Instagram: @britishdownhillskateleague #BDSL


Cam Deegan & Mountain Men Video “It’s a Pilgrimage”

Mountain Men and Cam Deegan collaborated on this epic downhill skateboarding video in the depths of Mid-Wales.

A month ago we recieved an exciting email from Mountain Men, they wanted to put together a video and they just needed someone to bomb a sweet hill for them. We hooked them up with Cam Deegan (UK’s Lifestyle Ambassador) and sent them off to the Bleek Outlaw race hosted by Brianne Collective. We are super stoked with the finished video.


Directed by: Chris Thomas 

Director of Photography: Lee Thomas (

Creative/Precision Driving/Grip: Tom Stanley

Edited by: Ben Cowan

Grade: Edwin Metternich @ Framestore

Sound Design: Mark Hills @ Soho Square Studios

Painting: Robert Holtby

Production Company: Mountain Men

Special Thanks:

Joe Baldwin


Tricycle London

Soho Square Studios