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Handmade in the UK : Frosties Longboards

Frosties LongboardsIt is not unusual for the surf and skate communities to cross over.  I had seen these beautiful Frosties Longboards displayed in the Surf Trippers group and made a note to contact their creator, Simon Willis, to find out more when he beat me to it and dropped a line through to Thrill Magazine! Living only 20 minutes down the road, I hopped across to check out what Frosties Longboards had to offer. Continue reading “Handmade in the UK : Frosties Longboards”

The Grip Shack

From the Octane stable comes the UK’s first ‘one-stop’ longboard grip shop. The Grip Shack, is an easy to use website, selling huge choice of grip tape from all the best brands! They’ve got clear, coloured and black grip, a bunch of handy tools and they even do 2” wide strips to help you get creative on your top sheet. Aimed at longboarders, they offer up to 12 inch wide sheets and have everything from standard to super coarse.

Your one stop for longboard griptape. Go and check it out for yourself:

Rayne Sinful Pleasure – Greed and Envy Wheels

Rayne team rider, Alvaro Bajo, recently got his hands on the 2013 Rayne Sinful Pleasure Wheel line-up featuring the new Ruby Red Rayne urethan formula.
A versatile rider, Alvaro covers a range of riding from Speedboarding downhill on his Rayne Greed Wheels to a bit more flared out Sliding and Freeriding, in and out of switch, on his Rayne Envy Wheels.  No matter how you want to roll them, Rayne Wheels are fast, fun, smooth and reliable!
This video is best enjoyed wearing sunglasses  – with a fan in your face for the full DH effect, of course!

Marta Guillen
Alvaro Bajo
Rayne Fortune / Rayne Wheels Envy 70mm 78a & Greed 70mm 80a / Caliber Precision / Rayne Stoopid Fast Bearings / Rayne Foot-Brah Toe Stop