Brighton’s Battle of the Boards 2018

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Joe Williams, wordsmith and freestyle dancer extraordinaire, team rider for Smile Longboards and Skate Hog Hill crew member, shares his thoughts on this year’s Brighton’s Battle of the Boards.

Joe Williams
Joe Williams

And so… another Battle of the Boards was fought on the Battlefield of Hove Lawns. This year, we were most fortunate in that the sun drenched us all in waves of almost unbearable heat. Sweat pooled on the brows of many riders this year.

Smiling faces and sliding boards gathered from around the country, some hailing from across Europe; the Battle is ever expanding.

From the very beginning of the day, the display of dancers and tricksters throwing their shapes was really something to behold. As the sun reached its peak, the concrete arena was filled with flare, such that barely any pedestrians could bear to pass by without a short stop’n watch.

Leo, Gabriel and Jeff made the trip over from France for the second year running and we were stoked to have Bram from Holland competing too.


Before long though, once the woods were warmed, the comps didst commence. With some of the highest hippies (jumps that is), groovy G-turns, jaw-dropping runs, fantasmic Freestyle fun, the bestest best tricks you ever did see and even some legendary Longboard ladies, who were very brave little misses, the judges’ abilities were really put to the test.
Laura Harmer Dodds always captures some cool images, take a look:
One of the aspects which made this year’s Battle of the Boards so uplifting was the local skateboarding community popping down to see what it was all about and making use of the mobile ramps. These ramps are usually used for the skate programs organised by Ricardo Magee Atxukarro – a Director of Skateboard England – as part of his job for Brighton & Hove City Council, so we were thrilled that we were able to have them for the day. Great shots from Andrew McDermott of Bowlskaters/DowntheHole skate crew.
No one missed a moment it was so intense. I myself took an insane and bold bail that really helped amp things up.


Lowrider Lush captured many competitors dance routines, here are some of his photos too:



New to BotB this year were the Electric Skateboard contingent. They put on a fun race of their own and captured great arial views of the event:



More Esk8 shots from Quan Van:



Salt Images – click on the Facebook icon to go to the album

So many photographers were out in force for the days so please do look at the images on Battle of the Boards Facebook page and Event page.

Once the splinters had flown, stickers had been thrown and the dust settled, Champions emerged and were crowned victorious.

Taking their rightful spoils of war and all that remained was for thanks and praise to be passed for all those that helped and aided with the Battle of the Boards 2018 Craze.
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Each of us cleaned our clutter, patched each of our gravel peppered grazes and headed off, with the sun on our tails happy and content with a solid day to remember… Off to the after-party that is.
Yes, those that still had it in ’em head to a remarkable performance by Jorge’s Hot Club followed by DJ Cut la Vis at the Fortune of War. Tankards were clinked and many liquids, with glee, they did drink, and they danced and swayed, and spoke of skate gear. Until the wee hours came and so we all thought “Gee, I just cannot wait for the Battle next year”.
Make sure you are there.
Words by Joe Williams (additional words by Sabina)
Photos: Andrew McDermott, Laura Harmer Dodds, Cleo Endersby, Salt Images, Zobeyer Ghafari, Thrill Magazine/Levi Edwards, Lowrider Lush, Quan Van