Bo Peep and a bit o’ Beachy – Weekend of Skate in the South Downs

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Early August saw this year’s Bo Peep event; a National race on the BDSL calendar. All and sundry turned out for what became an awesome weekend of downhill malarkies, a dip in the sea and more downhil marlarkies. Here it all is in pix n vids.

The day started well, early arrivals making themselves at home and getting on with the chores.

Practise runs kicked off around 11ish, then all the races with the inevitable thrills n spills!

In no particular order, let’s kick off with Aaron Skippings and Louis Smallwood:

Here come’s Ben Stainer and Jonathan Braund

Finbarr Crowley doing press-ups … 998, 999, 1000 …

… and rest 😉

Pete Connolly going for a different speed challenge record, perhaps?

New Zealander Elliot Melling gets a taste of the Peep.

Louis and Ben …

James Galyer knows the hill well

Jack Patten and Elliot Melling close up on Carnage Corner

Sabina Edwards (yours truly and now luge kook) – one should always indicate when turning a corner, eh?

You want to see that in real time?

Gareth Chamberlain and Paul (Lone De-Ranger) Trice closing the gap on Carnage Corner

Aaron and Ell Macey

and Ell against Paul – super tight!

Some like to show clearly how they feel …

… whilst others simply absorb the stoke!

Stand Up: 1st Ben Stainer, 2nd Louis Smallwood, 3rd Jonathan Braund


Women’s Category/being a sport and having a go – Sabina Edwards


Luge – 1st Aaron Skippings, 2nd Paul Trice, 3rd Gareth Chamberlain


Bo Peep 2018 by Lone De Ranger Films

Once again, a well-organised, well-run event with thanks to Banditos Aaron Skippings and Toby Newman and the BDSL – as always these events can only be run with the exceptional help from an array of volunteers who provide uplifts, keep score, marshal, take pix, cheer on and patch up. Huge thanks to uplift drivers Shaun Sillince and Toby Newman and South Down Shredders as the marshal team. 🙂

So, what does one do after a stinking hot day on the hill in full leathers? Go for a swim, of course!! A bunch of us made a weekend of it by staying over for a Beachy Shred the following morning. A quick dip in the sea at Birling Gap – oh my days! It was gloriously warm! Ice cream, thanks to Pete Connolly, and then over to The Beachy Head pub for some evening grub. Overnight in the car for me, vans for the others, and a nice early rise for a peachy Beachy.

A great way to end a fabulous weekend. Thanks South Down Shredders for sharing your hill 🙂


Words: Sabina Edwards / Lewis Taylor / Paul Trice

Photos: Thrill Magazine / Michael DB Levy

Videos: Sabina Edwards  / Lone De-Ranger Films

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