Bleek Race 2018

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After a successful Tregaron Freeride race Brianne Collective brought us the fastest event of the BDSL calendar. A fast straight-away with a technical chicane means tight racing is guaranteed. Back in September, the UKDH community gathered once again for the legendary Bleek Race. This year, racing took place on the Saturday with Sunday being reserved for tight pack runs and adventures on a hill nearby. With uplifts organised, the event ran smoothly.

Thrill got there for race day and managed to capture some of the action, catch up with the rest on the Facebook event page.

My first time attending Bleek, the fastest course on the race circuit. Reached 60.5 mph so not disappointed! Awesome time with great people.

Andy Speight – Luge (Sp8Boards)

I had a really good time, I realised I could still try to push my limits even if I wasn’t going anywhere near as fast as many of the others. Because of the way uplifts were run I could sit at the back at the top and wait, knowing I could get a clear run without needing to worry about being in people’s way on the hill.

Max Brown – Skateboarder and photographer

2018’s instalment of the Bleek Race, the fastest hill on the event calendar was more competitive than any year prior. The racing was super tight with 2-man heats. Unfortunately, someone had to take one for the team in true UKDH style, with Ben Stainer and Louis Smallwood getting tangled up in the chicane.

Ry Swanton – Skateboarder (Brianne Collective)

Ben wasn’t the only one going off at that bend

… and on with the show:

I never skated that fast at such a tight track! It was sick!

Ivan Ivanov – Slateboarder (LongDayBoarding)


Bleek is one of the best hills the league has to offer. The lack of technical corners is far outweighed by the sheer speed of the decent. Having raced the track a number of times in the past, the ‘new hill fears’ have subsided and been replaced with excitement. 2018’s event was full of excitement for me; high speed, tight runs and good mates. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t slightly disappointed with my result, but that’s how it goes with racing, anything can happen. The UK has some great riders which makes for tough competition. Just have to try harder next time. Over all, I felt the event was a great success. Super organised, smooth running uplifts and loads of runs.

Thanks to all those who organised and helped out on the day. Big ups and Big Loves all round, see ya at the next one.

Skate safe – Skate Hard – SKATE FASTER!!

Jonathan Braund – Skateboarder (Lush Longboards)



1st : Pearse D’Arcy – 2nd : Aaron Skippings – 3rd : Finbarr Crowley


1st : Gareth Chamberlain – 2nd : Ell Macey – 3rd : Aaron Skippings


Thanks to all contributors

Photo credits : Duncan Kay, Max Brown, Sabina Edwards