Banditos Halloween Shred!

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It was Halloween so we decided to MASSACRE some photos.

EVENT DISCLAIMER: Over the past few years strange things have been happening to people visiting Bo Peep on Halloween. A few years ago a 5 year old child was attacked and eaten by a flock of sheep in front of his parents eyes. Another incident a few years before 5 teenage boys were playing in the woods and tried to help a girl find something she'd lost. Four of those teenagers were never seen again, the other one was Oscar Taylor. Both these events happened on the 31st of October. The link between these two events? Little Bo Peep. Four friends thought it would be funny to sing the rhyme once they'd arrived at Bo Peep Lane, Oscar didn't sing because he didn't want to disturb the residents. Everyone was killed except Oscar. The 5 year old child was allegedly singing the rhyme moments before obliteration by the sheep. PLEASE DO NOT SING OR EVEN MENTION THE RHYME LITTLE BO PEEP.

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
And doesn’t know where to find them
Leave them alone
And they'll come home
Wagging their tails behind them
Little Bo Peep she searched for her sheep 
But didn’t quite know how to find them
She looked everywhere
From here and to there
But still couldn’t think where to find them
Little Bo Peep began to weep
And lay down to rest for a while
She fell fast asleep 
While counting her sheep 
Then dreamt they came home with a smile 
Little Bo Peep had fallen asleep
And dreamt that she was all alone
But when she awoke 
And pulled back her cloak 
She saw that her sheep had come home 

The skate meat was very well done. Even the great wizard Raccoon made attendance to play sparklers and cheerlead.

Everyone headed down the hill

and managed to avoid wheel bite.

without a sign of stale fish!

Although plenty of stink bug lingered in the air,

which made the angels very displeased,

the sky turned techno rave and angels toesided to earth.

Dan Ravenhall defended his skatefam with his rocket powered deck, he was taken as an offering to the heavens.

This scared the crap out of everyone and Canary lost his breakfast.

Everything seemed to be well, apart from the eerie smoke,

pink sky and roadside orbs.

Screeching noises were heard from the trees.

A dark Mindless winged beast idled down the hill,

followed by demonic sloth arms!

Skatan was clearly hands down annoyed about Dan Ravenhall's kidnap.

So he summoned Dan back with evil powers turning him into a lightening fast moonface. It was cracking!

Connor made an oath to forever protect happy moonface,

with the help of lion king.

The day grew late and everyone was battered.

It was time to leave it all behind and get back to swaglife.

Thanks for reading, happy skating, hail Skatan. Yes this did just happen.

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